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ITC Classmate launches ‘Enjoy Learning’ TVC campaign with focus on Turning Theoretical Lessons into Interesting Experiences

ITC Classmate, India’s leading notebook brand with an unmatched product quality and a strong commitment towards partnering with students in their journey of learning and development, has announced launch of a new television campaign focused on adding joy and excitement to learning. Under the ‘Enjoy Learning’ theme, the campaign includes three commercials that propagate the idea of enabling learning in interesting and engaging ways.

For learning to be exciting, children need to be able to translate theoretical lessons into practical experiences through daily activities, so that complex concepts become relatable and memorable. Classmate believes that this can only happen when academic knowledge goes beyond the classroom and gets rooted in everyday moments.

The thought of ‘Enjoy Learning’, as depicted in the Classmate TVCs, manifests itself into stories of real-life situations, where children were able to solve problems by bringing live scientific theories through timely application of their mind. The commercials were shot in real households, focusing on myriad of emotions that play between kids and their parents, with the intelligent ‘Classmate kid’ helping his/her parents overcome problems through his/her learning.

Speaking about the campaign, Vikas Gupta, Chief Executive, Education and Stationary Products Business Division, ITC Ltd., said, “Classmate has always focused on relevant issues concerning children and has aspired to become an active enabler in their learning journey. Through this campaign, we want to promote the idea of joy of learning and encourage children to apply theory into everyday activities, so that they can fully understand, enjoy, and remember what they learn. This practice will help kids become more innovative and will also help parents acknowledge that academic learning goes beyond the classrooms.”

The first commercial shows a young boy realizing that his mother has to go through the everyday grind of carrying a heavy bucket full of washed clothes through the stairs to dry them on the terrace. He looks at his Classmate notebook and his lesson for the day and instantly, the idea of the pulley system comes to his mind. The next day, he builds a jury-rigged pulley with everyday objects and shows his mother his creation by demonstrating how easy it is to carry the bucket to the terrace. The mother is left amazed and is overjoyed with her son applying his learning so aptly.

In the second commercial, a young girl is studying the theory of light dispersion through prisms when her mother calls her excitedly to show her a rainbow from the window. Just as the duo starts watching, the rainbow fades, and the girl notices the disappointment on her mother’s face. She goes back to her Classmate notebook, and within minutes, the idea to create a prism from everyday materials strikes her. Later that evening, she walks into her mother’s room, pulls out her DIY prism and projects a rainbow on the bedroom wall with her torchlight. The mother is stunned and thrilled that her daughter made her lessons come alive.

The third commercial shows a family that has moved into a new house, where a young boy is studying at the dining table, when he notices his father looking into a box filled with trophies. The father pulls out one trophy and smiles reminiscently, while noticing that it is tarnished. He tries to clean the trophy but is not able to do so. Seeing his father fail, the boy looks through his Classmate notebooks and frantically searches for a chemical formula. The next day, his father walks past the trophy cabinet and sees a whole bunch of gleaming trophies. That’s when the boy gives him the trophy that he had tried to clean. The trophy is now sparkling. The commercial culminates with the revelation that the boy had learnt that baking soda could act as a cleaning agent, and he had put the formula to practical use. The father and son share an emotional moment at the end.

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