Anjels Media partners LMX to Enable Programmatic DOOH Across Condo Screen Network

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Anjels Media, Singapore’s leading residential Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) screen network is partnering LMX, the Global supply-side arm of the Moving Walls Group to enable automated and audience-data driven advertising across all their sites.

The partnership connects Anjels Media to LMX’s market-leading end-to-end OOH management suite with features including dynamic content management, audience measurement, inventory management, and ability to run programmatic campaigns through specialist and omnichannel Demand Side Platforms (DSPs).

Anjels Media’s DOOH network already includes more than 300 screens installed in affluent residences across Singapore with plans to expand this over the next year.  The network enables a wide range of brands in FMCG, F&B, Healthcare and medical products & services, Education and Large retail stores, Government agencies and more to reach relevant audiences around their homes.

Premium Video Advertising that Does Not Interrupt

Equipped with programmatic ad-serving capabilities, Anjels Media screens will now enable advertisers to activate unskippable premium video creatives when relevant.

This is a growing trend around DOOH advertising – screens now reach audiences in just about every venue type and not only when they are commuting or shopping. Residential screens like these provide a new avenue for advertisers to run relevant video ads in high dwell time areas like lobbies and gymnasiums.

Non-traditional and indoor venue-based digital signage has been proven to drive both online and offline actions. For example, research suggests that 80% of shoppers claim that they have decided to visit a shop because they got lured in by digital signage. Furthermore, digital signage increases brand awareness by 47.7%.

According to Norman Lee, Director, Anjels Media states “LMX is a DOOH technology partner who is able to address all facets of a Media Owner’s transformation needs. We are looking forward to offering existing and new brands a host of value-added services that deliver the required transparency, flexibility and accountability required to attract a bigger share of video advertising spends. As we expand rapidly in the city condominium space, it is a natural transformation that we offer opportunities to address audiences during the right time and the ability to deliver contextual messages rather than just advertising locations.”

Meanwhile, Srikanth Ramachandran, Founder and Group CEO of Moving Walls points out that this space is going through a lot of change: “DOOH media is evolving so fast with an explosion of screens in public and indoor venues to create the Outernet media. The Outernet media is perfectly positioned to prime audiences and also extend the reach of Internet digital campaigns. We are excited to collaborate with Anjels Media to deploy Singapore’s industry-standard OOH measurement and activate the always-present residential audiences through DSP platforms such as Google DV360.”