The Glitch Bags Creative Mandate for Grip Invest

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The Glitch, a full-service digital-first creative agency, has been awarded the creative content mandate by Grip Invest, a new-age investing platform.

Grip hopes to raise awareness of alternative investment alternatives that allow investors to generate passive income by partnering with The Glitch. The Glitch will also be in charge of Grip’s branded creative material across all of the company’s digital platforms.

On the announcement of partnership, Nikhil Aggarwal, Co-founder & CEO, Grip Invest, said, “The past few months have been very exciting for us and we are extremely delighted to have partnered with The Glitch to help us sustain this momentum and grow our brand. They bring a team of creative experts that have helped a number of renowned brands with their innovative ideas. Through this, we hope to drive a deeper awareness of our new-age investment platform among retail investors who are looking to diversify their portfolios.”

Grip Invest began its operations amidst the pandemic to offer unique investment opportunities through lease financing. Investors can invest as minimum as INR 20K to lease a physical asset to any promising new businesses listed on the Grip platform, against a fixed monthly return

Jonathan Sreekumaran, Branch Head, The Glitch, “In this era of fintech, Grip Invest is one of those “equaliser” brands, helping the regular Indian investor get better returns from curated investment opportunities in lease finance. Grip Invest is leading the pack here, and we along with them, are going to create a compelling narrative for the regular investor to be a part of all the possible opportunities Grip Invest has to offer. We have just started working with their teams and we feel their incredible passion for ensuring wealth creation is not limited to only a few, but many more Indians can be a part of this.”

With over 300 digital strategists, technologists, content creators and planners, The Glitch is one of India’s leading creative agency that has enabled several prominent brands including Netflix, Tinder, FabIndia, Lakme, TLC, Boost among other with strategies to optimally utilise digital channels through creative content to unlock growth.

Sayak Basu, Senior Creative Director, The Glitch, “Grip invest brings a whole new approach to diversifying investments for the millennial-minded junta of our country. We’re stoked to be able to partner with them to create consideration for their unique offerings. It’s an exciting category with a fair bit of action. We are fortunate to be backed by our superior digital practises and look forward to creating quick adoptions and transactions on the platform.”