Flipkart Seller Hub launches Incredible Sellers, Incredible Stories ft. Actress Richa Chadha

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There are a number of ways in which one can measure success. It can be measured in terms of achievements and rewards, or in terms of the magnitude of the result in comparison with the efforts put in by the individual. At Flipkart, success is measured in terms
of persistence. Back in 2007, this homegrown e-commerce company started its operations with the vision of bringing success to the small and medium enterprises of India through its digital platform. That humble beginning has brought them here, today, where they have a whopping 3.75 Lakh sellers registered with their platform. But they don't measure success just in terms of the number of sellers associated with them. Their real success is the passion, dedication and devotion through which their sellers work day and night to bring smiles to the people of our country. It is they who drive Flipkart to keep on improving its marketplace platform to suit the
demands of digital India and take the financial ecosystem of the country to the next level.

Many of Flipkart's sellers started small and now have evolved into big companies, fulfilling their aspirations through the Flipkart marketplace. They have their own stories to tell. Stories of resilience and stories of success. Stories that inspire and motivate us and stories that teach us a lesson in life. Every year Flipkart brings such stories to you through a talk show named 'Incredible Sellers, Incredible Stories’. This year, the show will be hosted by the exquisite Bollywood star and Gangs of Wasseypur fame, Richa Chaddha. This show will feature the stories of top sellers on Flipkart. The main feature of the show is the conversation with the sellers, which gives an insight into their lives and the struggles they had to go through in their path to success; what drove them to become entrepreneurs and what motivated them to join Flipkart. This show is Flipkart’s way of saying thanks to its sellers for their hard work and dedication by giving recognition to their efforts.

Jagjeet Harode, Senior Director and Head – Marketplace, Flipkart said, “Each year, we see sellers of Flipkart showing their unwavering trust in our marketplace platform and embracing digital transformation to cater to consumers across the country. Today, with 3.75L sellers on our platform, we are proud of the success and growth that they’re achieving and the passion that they showcase for their business. Through ‘Incredible Sellers, Incredible Stories’, we want to highlight these growth journeys and motivate the seller community to continue driving success.”

A few days ago, Flipkart launched it’s #BachonKaKhel digital campaign, which was designed to increase awareness among existing sellers and build consideration among new sellers to join Flipkart. A number of new sellers joined the Flipkart platform after the campaign. On the show, the sellers will also discuss tips and tricks to become successful sellers on Flipkart. This will help the new sellers gain meaningful insights about Flipkart’s marketplace platform and use it to achieve success by increasing sales. They can learn how the top sellers on Flipkart used Flipkart services such as Growth Central, tips from their account managers etc, to grow their business. This will be helpful in their approach towards learning about how to become successful sellers on Flipkart.

Rohit Sakunia, co-founder and chief business officer of ARTe Mediatech, and the digital partner agency of the Flipkart Seller Hub said,' “Flipkart is leading India’s digital transformation, and the sellers of Flipkart are driving this transformation with their relentless efforts and faith in the brand. While working on ‘Incredible Sellers Incredible Stories’, we discovered many pearls
of wisdom related to online business, life and success. We feel truly humbled and inspired by them and I am sure you will too.”
So get ready for a show filled with extraordinary stories presented to you with some exciting conversations with your host Richa Chadha. Learn from the best to become the best, and then write your own success story to become the next incredible seller on Flipkart.