Asahi Kasei signs celebrity chef Ranveer Brar as brand ambassador

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A noteworthy development in the culinary space, Asahi Kasei, Japan’s premium wrap and silicone-coated foil and sheet brand has designated prominent Indian celebrity chef Ranveer Brar as its brand ambassador for India. By joining hands, both seek to assist every Indian family that is plagued by the perils of fast-paced life to pursue a healthier lifestyle by empowering them with innovative kitchen solutions such as Premium Wrap, Zipper Bag, No to low oil Frying-pan foil and Cooking Sheet.

The brand has always propagated that the opening gambit to a healthy regime lies in our very own kitchen, and Brar strongly supports and endorses this creed. Despite a rising health-consciousness among people, our working lifestyles are becoming more fast-paced, often proving to be a stumbling block to those on their path to consuming healthy meals.

Indians often fall prey to poor eating habits – thereby giving rise to the need for the evolution of our eating habits. The partnership aims to communicate the benefits of a nutritious, fresh and balanced meal that even those struggling to make time in their schedules can conveniently prepare and preserve via the ease provided by kitchen products.

Talking about the partnership, Brar said, “I am thrilled to associate with a brand like Asahi Kasei that has revolutionised the kitchen with their multi-utility products. I believe that a wholesome meal is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle which is what the brand aims to promote with its innovative kitchen accessories that save time and minimize cooking and storing hassles. By partnering with the brand whose core vision aligns with my belief in using best-in-class products to retain the freshness and nutritional value of food, I intend to help reimagine the kitchen space. We also aim to rebuild the mindset of consumers because a majority of the audience knows only of conventional uses of foils and premium wraps when really, there is so much more to it.

Luve Oberoi, senior marketing manager, Asahi Kasei, said, “We are pleased to welcome chef Ranveer Brar as a brand ambassador for our range of products in India. His advocacy of nutritious, fulfilling meals for a healthy lifestyle aligns with our values of delivering daily nutrition without having to waste too much time, making the everyday lives of our consumers simple. We at Asahi Kasei are always striving to provide kitchen accessories that are convenient to use and save time as we understand that various instances such as a hectic work schedule can make one turn to an unhealthy lifestyle.