PTC Network’s PTC Play App is set to telecast Gurbani in full HD

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On this New Year’s Eve, PTC Networks has a unique present for its fans. For the first time, PTC Play is providing full HD Gurbani from Sri Darbar Sahib, Amritsar.

PTC Network, with the world’s first live telecast of Gurbani every morning and evening from Sachkhand Sri Darbar Sahib on November 1st, 1998, earned a niche in the Indian television business. In 2019, it also became the world’s first Gurbani 360° Live Telecast service in virtual reality.

Revealing this great news the Managing Director & President – PTC Network, Rabindra Narayan, says, “Waheguru has blessed us with another milestone. The exquisite telecast of Gurbani will now be available live in full HD to viewers worldwide. This was a long pending demand of devotees and we are grateful to Waheguru to have blessed us with this service.”

The Gurbani telecast was started by Narayan and his team on November 1 in 1998. Subsequently, it went live and is now also available in 360 degrees VR. Golden Temple is the only place on earth from where daily Live 360-degree Virtual Reality telecast happens.