Design & Construct named Yuvraj Singh as its brand ambassador

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Yuvraj Singh has joined, a division of All About Buildings Pvt Ltd, as the company’s first-ever brand ambassador. The famed cricketer will be the face of India’s premier end-to-end home construction company as part of the partnership, which began on October 28, 2021. He invests in Design & Construct as a way of demonstrating his support for the company’s overall growth.

The great cricketer and Design & Construct have agreed to a three-year cooperation. Yuvraj Singh will be an equity partner and the company’s brand ambassador as part of the strategic collaboration. The cricketer’s strong personality, complete with fighter attitude, focus, and aggression, will further convey what the brand stands for, in line with the company’s ideals.

Speaking on the development, Priyadarshi Mishra, CEO and Founder of Design & Construct said,  “Yuvraj Singh is the most passionate and fierce cricketer the world has ever seen. His character, dependability, and aggression represent our market approach and customer acquisition strategies. Moreover, our vision corresponds to those of Yuvraj and we are confident that he is the perfect fit to represent our brand.”

Currently, we are making a mark in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mysore, and Mumbai with our advanced construction technology. Going forward, we have plans of expansion in eight more cities across India by the next year. We believe that this partnership will be fruitful for the company’s growth, visibility, and reach in the market.” he added.

Sharing his views on the association, Yuvraj Singh said, “In the coming years, Design & Construct will be the go-to destination for individual home construction. The brand’s motto of making dream homes affordable, accessible, and hassle-free is what convinced me to be a part of it. In my interactions, I’ve seen how the team is led by passion, excellence, and perfection, and I am looking forward to my association with them.”

Incepted in 2021, Design & Construct aims to be the largest tech-enabled construction company in India and abroad. With its goal of being a billion-dollar company in the next five to seven years, the company is foraying ahead with its build-to-order individual house construction model. The recent partnership with Yuvraj Singh is expected to contribute significantly to the company’s growth and long-term goals.