Join Ventures Announced The Launch Of D2c Food Brand Masqa;investing $7 Mn In Launch Phase

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Join Ventures, the home of D2C brands for celebrations, today announced the introduction of Masqa, a new D2C brand for decadent foods. With an investment of over $7 million in Masqa over the next 18 months, the firm plans to hire over 100 personnel in operations, sales, and marketing around the country.

Masqa has a strong inception, placing it in the league of premier brands in the indulgent food market, thanks to Join Ventures’ portfolio of prominent brands-IGP, Interflora India, and IGPforBusiness, which has a base of over 100 million visitors in 100+ countries.

Masqa, a direct-to-consumer company, promises to provide customers with a premium gourmet experience by offering professionally curated assortments of delicacies such as sweets, pastries, and chocolates.

Speaking on the announcement, Tarun Joshi, Founder & CEO, Join Ventures & Masqa, said, “This year, consumers across the world shopped for over 100 tonnes of indulgent foods from us. With our commitment to provide consumers a superlative experience coupled with the passion for everything celebratory and love for gourmet, creating Masqa became a logical and most relevant addition to our portfolio. We aim to take Masqa across the globe and deliver a gastronomic experience beyond the imagined.

“Food is a strong growth area for Join Ventures and we are looking at investing upward of $7mn in next 18months on Masqa to give a full stack D2C experience to the consumers. To enable this we are in the process of building a team of 100 specialists for Masqa.” Joshi added.

According to Avendus D2C report, the D2C food and beverage market stood at $5.5Bn in 2020 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 40% to touch $15Bn by 2025. The company aims to target the rising affluent Indian households and capture a sizable chunk of the Ready-to-Eat market with premium, indulgent food offerings from Masqa.