Bridgeup, Launches India’s First Trading Platform for Recurring Revenue

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BridgeUp officially announced the launch of its subscription financing platform, the most cost-efficient way for SaaS and recurring revenue companies to access capital, today.By treating subscriptions as a new asset class, BridgeUp is the first platform of its kind in India and Asia-Pacific that creates an opportunity for companies with recurring revenue to convert their monthly or quarterly subscriptions to their annual value in cash, up-front.

In the first one week of the product launch, BridgeUp’s trading platform has seen rapid adoption from companies with recurring revenue streams looking to fund their growth without debt or dilution. Multiple companies have signed up on the BridgeUp trading platform leading to $3M+ in tradable revenue already.

They are in conversations with multiple investors and on the cusp of closing a round of funding. Started by Zeus Dhanbhoora, Jahangir Panday and Dipen Patel, BridgeUp is the first company in India and Asia-Pacific to offer such services to its customers. BridgeUp’s platform functions as a marketplace and handles all of the servicing, giving SaaS and recurring revenue companies instant access to capital at the most competitive market-clearing price and investor partners, a vetted group of financial institutions and banks, get access to alternative investments in the form of highly predictable, recurring revenue-generating assets, much like fixed-income products.

At a CAGR of 51%, revenues in India from just SaaS enterprises is expected to grow to a staggering $75 Billion by 2025, capturing 19% of global demand for all software products, according to SaaSBOOMi & McKinsey report. “The future of technology is currently being written in India. We have the talent and most importantly the desire to create organizations which change the face of technology and as witnessed recently we can do that all from within India itself. BridgeUp is well equipped to support these companies” says Zeus Dhanbhoora, CEO of BridgeUp.

The brand counts among its target audience, companies from SaaS, Telecom, Edtech, Insurance, the entertainment industry and many more. “We are seeing a lot of traction from non-SaaS vertical markets too including direct-to-consumer (D2C) subscription, OTT platforms and service-based businesses,” says Jahangir Panday, COO, BridgeUp.

They announced the distribution of the financing platform through a strategic partnership with SaaS Insider to introduce a new way of fundraising for companies with recurring revenue. “Adding BridgeUp as a partner to our SaaS community in Asia-Pacific means that our founders will have an opportunity to raise capital in a non-dilutive / non-debt way and manage cash flow smartly, which are essential to businesses’ growth plans,” says Chameli Kuduva, Founder of SaaS Insider.