CSS Corp Signs Strategic Partnership with Cloud Technology Startup, Cloudwiry

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CSS Corp

CSS Corp,  a global customer experience and technology services provider, and Cloudwiry, a global cloud technology company, today announced a strategic partnership to develop joint go-to-market programs and solutions to provide cloud governance, cost-optimization and application modernization services.

Cloudwiry, a trusted cloud FinOps and cost-optimization company, helps enterprises make sound architectural decisions for digital transformation by providing deep business insights that enable better usage of the cloud and optimization of overall cloud costs. CSS Corp leverages 25 years of expertise in IT consulting and managed services with deep experience working with product and platform businesses that are extensive users of cloud capacity, hence need highly matured AI/ML-based cloud cost-optimization tools.

With this partnership, customers will have access to a comprehensive set of tools and methodologies to identify, optimize, and control their cloud costs by approximately 30%, while modernizing the application and infrastructure landscape. This move is part of CSS Corp’s global strategy to use innovative solutions to influence business outcomes for customers who are extensive users of cloud technologies.

Inadequate cloud cost governance and architectural inconsistency are widespread challenges in the industry, and we plan to solve this by bringing more AI/ML-based cloud governance by teaming strategically with Cloudwiry. We plan to focus on cloud value maximization as the broader business-centric objective and not confine to pure-play cost optimization,” said Ajay Tyagi, Executive Vice President, CSS Corp.

Aditya Datta, CEO, Cloudwiry, said, “This partnership will help enterprises find the right balance between agility and control, while improving unit economics and cost efficiencies using Cloudwiry’s Automated Cloud Financial Management. Most of the enterprises using our offerings are already experiencing a 6X Direct ROI in bill reduction and additional savings by avoiding a team of 7-15 FTEs that would be needed for manual cloud financial management.”

CSS Corp will work closely with Cloudwiry to develop distinct value propositions for customers to accelerate cost optimization while maximizing business value for customers proactively.