Rattle raises $2.8M from Lightspeed and Sequoia Capital India


Rattle, a modern BizOps Automation & Orchestration platform, today announced a seed round of $2.8 million led by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Sequoia Capital India, as well as notable angel investors Amy Chang (EVP at Cisco and Disney board member), Ellen Levy (early investor in Outreach), Jake Seid (early investor in Brex & Carta), and Krish & Raman (the founders of SaaS unicorn Chargebee).

Rattle, which was launched in March 2021, has quickly become a must-have tool for businesses, with high-growth, modern companies like Terminus, Imply, and Litmus praising Rattle’s easy-to-integrate and fast time-to-value platform.

Business workflows have undergone massive shifts over the last two decades. The first wave gave us monolithic and centralized systems of record such as Salesforce and Workday. The second wave focused on systems of intelligence overlays such as Looker and Gong. We are now amidst another shift towards systems of engagement such as Slack and Teams – platforms that have quickly become the nerve center of work. However, these engagement platforms are siloed from record-keeping and intelligence platforms, making collaboration and decision-making cumbersome. Rattle is building the real-time and collaborative connective tissue to bridge the gap.

Incredibly easy to use with <1 min setup time, Rattle’s no-code platform is highly customizable. Any member of the GTM team can set up & automate their workflows, alerts, and processes. This enables sales and marketing professionals to leverage systems like Salesforce to a whole new level without losing context. All this comes with zero change management so customers get set up and start finding value with Rattle often within the same day.

Jeff Ronaldi, GTM Ops Manager at LogDNA, says after implementing Rattle “[our] lead response time has gone down by 75% and key processes have sped up from days to minutes.”

Shelli, SalesOps Manager at Litmus says, “Rattle has had the highest ROI of any recent tool that we have rolled out. It allows me to create any kind of workflow that I can imagine & has become a verb at our company.

Rattle was founded in 2020 by Sahil, Apoorva, and Milan, who have worked at high-growth startups managing GTM systems and have dealt with the problem firsthand. “Sales and marketing professionals should spend time only with their customers and not on internal process management,” said Co-founder & CEO Sahil Aggarwal.While our growth has been phenomenal, our high NPS is what we care about most, which tells us we are solving a massive problem for our users. We are in the early stages of a generational shift in how work gets done in the modern enterprise and are very excited to build this new stack from the ground up.”

Hemant Mohapatra, Partner at Lightspeed said, “Businesses worldwide are mired in processes – from sales to marketing, HR, IT, and more. With increased digitization and remote work, processes and adherence thereof are only going to diverge over time. The Rattle team impressed us by their unrelenting focus on the most important piece of this puzzle: the people caught in these processes. Rarely have we seen such intense customer love so early in a company’s life and are honored to go on this journey with Rattle together!