La Liga announces deal of €2.7 billion with CVC Partners


LaLiga and the renowned global investment company CVC have announced a strategic partnership dubbed “Boost LaLiga,” which will see a monetary influx of 2.7 billion euros into the competition and its clubs. The league’s Executive Committee (Comisión Delegada) unanimously accepted this ambitious investment plan today, which will equip LaLiga and the Clubs with all of the resources they need to achieve their goalsits transformation goal to become a worldwide leader in the digital entertainment sector while increasing competition and changing the fan experience.

This agreement aims to lead the transformation currently experienced in the global entertainment sector and to maximize every growth opportunity available to the clubs to develop a new business model that will allow them to diversify and maximize revenues through marketing models that will help to accelerate their digital transformation. Moving from the current single-product model, based almost exclusively on the game and the sale of audiovisual rights, to a multi-product/multi-experience one with a direct relationship with fans, amplified by technology and digital and analytical capabilities. In this sense, LaLiga is already well on the way to becoming a global player, with the best entertainment content, a strong digital presence, and the ability to capture and analyze data that facilitates direct omnichannel interaction with fans all over the world, with a clear focus on the optimization of their experience with the brand.

The investment in improving the competition will drive growth in fan numbers and their experience with LaLiga. The technological capabilities of the LaLiga and the clubs’ ecosystem will also be strengthened, offering new content, new channels, and new markets.

90% of the 2.7 billion euros proposed to be invested by CVC Funds will be earmarked for the clubs, including women’s football, semi-professional and non-professional football under the guidance of the Royal Spanish Football Federation and the Higher Sports Council (more than 100 million euros). Thus, making this strategic agreement an inclusive, equitable, and democratic one that not only bolsters the economic viability of all Spanish football clubs but also opens up a new present and future for them by allowing them to advance in their development and transformation by at least a decade.

The resources provided by the agreement between CVC and LaLiga will also have a multiplier effect, not only in the world of football but also in its contribution to building Spain’s image abroad via Brand Spain, in creating jobs for the sector, and in attracting talent.

For the implementation of this strategic plan, the clubs take on a commitment to allocate the investment they receive to the promotion of their own Development Plan, agreed with LaLiga, which will include the following main areas: sports strategy, infrastructure, international development, brand and product development, communication strategy, innovation, technology, and data plan and content development plan on digital platforms and social networks. All incorporating sustainability, good governance, and diversity as fundamental values​​of the model.

LaLiga will keep its sports responsibilities as well as the organization and management of audiovisual rights sales.

CVC Funds bring to this project its financial firepower, its management capacity, and its expert knowledge in the development of sports businesses thanks to its extensive experience of over 25 years in international competitions such as rugby, volleyball, tennis, Moto GP, Formula 1, plus the relationships it has firmly established with essential technological partners for the implementation of the specific projects contained in this plan.