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Antarmanh Consulting Witnesses Twelve-Fold Growth during the Pandemic, Eyes Expanding to South East Asia

The pandemic has led to the opening of mental health dialogues in India, and people are no longer hesitant when it comes to seeking and providing help. From supporting fellow colleagues through their burnouts to retaining one’s own peace of mind in chaos, the scenario is changing for good in the corporate ecosystem as well. Supporting healthy ways to deal with mental health concerns, especially during the pandemic, Antarmanh Consulting, a management consultancy that aligns wellness solutions for business resilience with protection and performance, stepped up its game to reach out to more people who need help.

Seema Rekha, Managing Director, Antarmanh Consulting

Owing to its intention of being accessible and available to all, Antarmanh Consulting grew twelve-fold in the last two years while assisting people to win over their minds and obstacles. As India’s workforce gained awareness about the vital aspects of mental wellness and resilience, the organisations were seen ensuring psychological safety in the workspaces, with Antarmanh Consulting taking the lead across the vertical.

Established in 2013 as an organisation with two employees, Gurugram-based Antarmanh Consulting now operates with over one hundred and fifty specialists including clinical, counselling and organisational psychologists, along with behavioural and neuroscience experts, organisational development consultants and coaches. It has successfully managed to aid over 1 lac employees in 100 organisations over the last decade. Witnessing an overwhelming demand during the pandemic from sectors like content moderation, BPO, consulting, engineering services, education and healthcare, Antarmanh Consulting helped with saving over 2,18,000+ lives and other crises, and delivered over 18000+ individual and 2900+ group sessions.

Showing its support extensively, Antarmanh Consulting also symbolised the calm and the groundedness through the violet in their logo along with the warmth of orange that balances and encourages introspective streak in people. Reflecting its intentions through the colour palette and indicating the tide of change that the organisation is driving, Antarmanh is leaving no stone unturned to create a global impact.

According to Antarmanh Consulting, the pandemic has led to a surge in mental obstacles that disturb the work-life balance of an individual; some of the most common issues include stress, excessive worrying, anger issues, conflicts in relationships, etc. If these issues keep adding up and remain unresolved, they lead to problems like anxiety, worry, depression, burnout and even self-harm and suicidal ideations. The organisation aims to fight these with its vision of adopting a diverse, personalised and multidisciplinary approach rather than encouraging a one-size-fits-all delivery style.

Discussing the growth of the organisation and its reach, Seema Rekha, Managing Director at Antarmanh Consulting, said, “Having a secure plan to not only cater to the professional strategy amidst the pandemic but also the well-being of the employees by taking care of their mental stress, emotional trauma and how further damage can be prevented makes an organisation step up from being another name in the market to responsible leaders paving the path to collective growth. Antarmanh Consulting targets such companies and provides its services to help everyone grow apart from their past issues and grow out of their emotional concerns to further make a debut as emotionally mature, secure and stable professionals. We are on a mission to help business leaders to align their business goals with wellness solutions even in unprecedented times. At Antarmanh, we constantly strive to revolutionise our practice where we create a culture of coexistence, mutual trust and inclusivity.”

Antarmanh Consulting promotes the all-around wellness of professionals from all spheres of life. In light of this goal, the organisation has also undertaken various initiatives to aid their clientele tackle the pandemic head-on, such as organising COVID-19 specific awareness sessions, designing tools and protocols to conduct regular check-ups, establishing a responsive 24/7 mental health helpline in collaboration with the Government of Haryana, etc.

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