LAIQA Named Taapsee Pannu as co-founder

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Taapsee Paanu

Welcoming a period of change, LAIQA a premium and sustainable menstrual care brand,  announced the launch of their mobile application ‘Period Pal’ in association with Taapsee Pannu as the Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of the brand.

A brainchild of Co-founder Monica Bindra, LAIQA is a passion project created to make this world a period positive place for all. With innovation at the forefront, LAIQA pads are lovingly crafted to be “Good for You and Good for Earth”. With 100% biodegradable packaging, they promise to be the softest pads ever! Rash-free, chlorine-free, artificial fragrance-free, eco-friendly – are just a few LAIQA products’ benefits.

Laiqa ‘Period Pal’ app is an all-embracing mobile application that allows users to track their period cycles along with their energy levels, symptoms and predicts ovulation cycles. Letting menstruators take control of their period, they can also shop for menstrual products, customize their own box, talk to experts, and explore Taapsee’s corner in this application.

Taapsee Pannu, Co-founder, and Chief Innovation Officer, LAIQA commented, “We have been taking menstruation health for granted for many years and are raised to believe in the wrong concepts of menstruation hygiene. I personally wanted to stop this. For me, LAIQA is not only my venture but also something I want to change in society, and society and wish for women to support me in a normalizing period. With innovative products, we want to revolutionize period care for all menstruators with our softest pads. On a more exciting front, Taapsee’s Corner in Period Pal is what I look forward to the most, sharing my experiences will allow me to connect with the community better. I am a big fan of the feature in the App that allows every menstruator to customize their box and subscribe for convenience. I also feel that connecting to experts like Gynecologists, mental wellness experts, dieticians through Period Pal will provide menstruators the best timely advice. I would also be working closely with Monica and her team as we introduce innovative products for the coming year under the brand’s philosophy of good for her and good for the earth.”

Monica Bindra, Co-founder and Co-CEO, LAIQA said, “It’s my honor to work with a trailblazer like Taapsee! She is a motivated woman who wants to do good for women and society. We share the same vision and want to make periods a positive experience. Period Pal has allowed us to expand our horizon and enable women across the globe by letting them take complete control of their cycle. Creating an innovative yet durable product that is good to use was my prime concern, and I look forward to achieving the desired goals with Taapsee’s support. LAIQA is what I believe and trust in and I aim for the community around me to feel the same way.”