Creditas Solutions Named Ramakant Khandelwal as Chief Product Officer

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Creditas Solutions, India’s leading FinTech in delinquency management, has announced the appointment of Ramakant Khandelwal as Chief Product Officer. Ramakant was previously the Marketing and Digital Director at PAYBACK India.

Ramakant is an industry veteran with 21 years of expertise in a variety of industries, including BFSI, loyalty, and FMCG. He has a proven track record of scaling business growth, achieving targets, and driving profitability. He graduated from IIT Roorkee with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and an MBA from MDI Gurgaon. Ramakant most recently worked with PAYBACK India as Chief Marketing & Digital Officer and Head – Financial Services & e-Commerce Partnerships in increasing leadership roles.

Ramakant is a deeply experienced leader with a proven track record of working closely with customers to develop insights, solve business challenges, and create value. He will play a vital role in the evolution of our existing products, while also driving the development of innovative new features to fuel further growth,” said Anshuman Panwar, Co-Founder, Creditas Solutions.

“Creditas Solutions has redefined the debt collections experience by building a tech-oriented product that is non-intrusive and intuitive. I am excited to be joining at this moment in the Creditas\’ journey and look forward to working with the team to further strengthen the products that are ground-breaking, rooted in innovation and are drivers of change for the collections industry,” said Khandelwal.