Villain Lifestyle Partners with Sanjay Dutt For Latest Campaign

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The valiant, dauntless, and bold man of Bollywood, Sanjay Dutt comes on board to promote Indian men’s fashion & lifestyle brand Villain Lifestyle. Celebrating the Villain amongst all of us, the brand launched a thrilling image on digital media with Sanjay Dutt celebrating his bold & stylish style.

Sanjay Dutt, the iconic Bollywood ‘Villain’ with his unabashed persona, is known for his iconic characters in the past and has been regarded as the ‘Ultimate Bollywood Villain’. His work, in most of his movies, has left the audience in awe, making him one of the biggest actors of the Bollywood industry as well as of this country.

“Unapologetic, unabashed, and unafraid, Villain is made for the men who are true to themselves and their style, however, twisted it may be. When we come to think of this, Sanjay Dutt is perfect for the Villain Lifestyle. We are ecstatic to have him on board with us and we welcome him here, at Villain Lifestyle,” says Ashutosh Valani & Priyank Shah, Co-Founders, Villain. 

With this latest collaboration, Villain also welcomes Sanjay Dutt fans to share the best captions for his post with Villain. The one with the best caption will be declared as the winner and will win a chance to be featured on Villain Lifestyle’s page and would also win an exclusive gift combo.

Ex-bad boys of Beardo, VILLAIN is the latest venture of entrepreneurs, Ashutosh Valani & Priyank Shah, in partnership with KGF-famed Rocking Star Yash. After grooming the men of India with unconventional products, the trio has now set out to provide a one-stop solution to the styling needs of Indian men. They offer a range of fragrances, apparel, and accessories, each masculine and unique in their own way. Perfumes, sunglasses, gym wear, hoodies, men’s jewelry, boxers – the brand has introduced clutter-breaking products with unique USPs that would appeal to the youth of India and its ever-evolving needs.