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Online Talk on Lord Rama, Ramayana and its Symbolism by Shri L Ramaswamy

Ramayana has remained an integral part of Indian lives for centuries and has found expression in every form of art like painting, sculpture, dance, drama, and poetry. The characters and stories teach us values which are eternal. The narratives guide us in making rational choices when faced with a dilemma. On the auspicious occasion of Shri Rama Navami we surrender to Lord Rama in devotion and attempt to explore a few episodes in Ramayana.

Lord Rama is picturized by Sage Valmiki as the epitome of perfection. The Lord unswervingly walked on the path of Dharma as an extraordinary ‘human being‘. He was idealistic and discharged his duties to perfection in whatever role he played – as a son, husband, brother, friend or king.

The epic Ramayana is considered to be the essence of Vedas. It symbolizes the relationship between an individual and the Supreme Self culminating in Self-Realization.

Shri L Ramaswamy

The one hour online talk will be conducted by Shri L Ramaswamy. Ramaswamy is a senior disciple of internationally eminent philosopher & spiritual guide Swami Parthasarathy. He devoted himself to intense study and research of Vedanta philosophy at Vedanta Academy.

Vedanta is an ancient philosophy that systematically and scientifically expounds the eternal principles of life. These principles enable one to combine dynamic action with mental peace. Thus ushering material prosperity as well as spiritual well being. Furthermore, Vedanta bridges the gap between the known universe and the unknown Reality. It leads one to the ultimate experience of Self-Realization.

Shri L Ramaswamy is the Chief Events Coordinator for Vedanta Institute Kolkata, a charitable Trust. The primary objective of the Trust is to disseminate the timeless values of Vedanta through study classes, group discussion and workshops, public discourses etc.

Join us on Sunday, 10 April 2022, 9:00 am IST as we explore the glorious character of Lord Rama and other episodes. Ramayana has enriched human minds and will continue to be a perennial source of knowledge with invaluable treasures for the whole of mankind.

All are welcome to attend. | For more details: +91 97487 81811

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