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Dr. Neelam Rohira of Bhakti World Foundation is Working towards Betterment of Human Kinds

Founder of NGO, Bhakti World Foundation, Dr. Neelam Rohira dons multiple hats. From coaching CEOs to working on the mental strength of sportsmen, Dr. Neelam Rohira, runs a successful healing centre and is an ace Tarot Card reader as well. She believes that our inner self has the capacity to heal us and that we are enough for ourselves.

Dr. Neelam Rohira

Dr. Neelam Rohira says, “The world is filed with housewives, students, celebrities, politicians, management gurus and even corporate organisations. It has now been proved that positive people are successful people. With consulting sessions and tarot therapies, people release their stagnant energies, helping the chakras balance and enriching their aura. I believe that our inner self has the capacity and capabilities to heal every traumatic experience. Life gives us these experiences to evolve. With right attitude and holistic thoughts, we can always be in a peaceful state.

She further adds, “My dream and life purpose is to create a mindful and aware society which realises that they are divine beings in a human body. Realizing that joy and abundance are not only our well-deserved rights but are already available. All we need to do it open our eyes, mind and arms to recognise and embrace our true infinite potential. From there, starts the journey to live our dreams, enjoy our desires and smell the roses along the way.

Its important to manage your stress and anxiety levels, says Dr. Neelam Rohira, adding, “It is important that people do not try to take their stress and anxieties lightly and reach out for help. It does not matter what is causing the stress, with the right help they can live a life of joyous abundance rather than of woeful lack.”

She says that we are experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which has set in after the active COVID phase. “This is a disorder characterised by failure to recover after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event. The condition may last months or years, with triggers that can bring back memories of the trauma accompanied by intense emotional and physical reactions. It is not that people did not have the challenges of money, health, relationships etc before the Pandemic, but the entire phase has affected the mental immunity of the society such that it is currently going through a fragile phase,” she says.

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