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‘IM Music’ Brings you a New Sufi Song ‘Ruhani’ Sung by Prateek Gandhi, Featuring Sana Sultan and Shadab Ali Khan

Sana Sultan and Shadab Ali Khan come together for the new Sufi song Ruhani. The Singer and Composer Prateek Gandhi is the backbone of this Sufi song. Director Jigar Khan has made sure that the electric chemistry between Sana Sultan and Shadab Ali Khan looks straight out of a fairy-tale.

IM Music Presents New Sufi Song Ruhani

When being asked, “What is this music video and its Genre all about” The IM Music stated that “Love and music have been inextricably linked throughout our culture. Just like love shares no boundaries, no limits, Sufi music gives the composer the same independence, the same tranquillity that one searches in love. Love is full of flaws and yet flawless that’s what makes Sufi songs such a treat to our ears. This music video celebrates the same spiritual love.”

Talking about the music video, the producer Noor Ansari says, “IM music has always been supportive of the new artists and new talents. Only at IM Music the whole team can get Ruhani over a regular cup of tea. It was just another evening at IM Music studio when we heard this song and within a few minutes we started collecting our team within days the shooting was completed and now we are desperately waiting for the 25th when the song will be finally released.”

Moving on to the Directors experience while filming the Ruhani music video, TeamIM Music stated, “Our director Jigar Khan is a musicians’ director. He was super dedicated and one can’t help but notice how he was completely drenched in the song and one can catch the same vibes in the outcome of his video. He has done a remarkable job by capturing certain subtle emotions in the video which, I am sure, are going to be treat to the audience’s eyes. It was an honour working with him.”

Ruhani | Prateek Gandhi | Shadab Ali Khan | Sana Sultan | Official Video | New Hindi Song | IM Music

See the video here

“When we first heard the song as a scratch it was delightful to the ears but when we heard the final version it was an out-worldly experience, full of transient emotions which only Prateek can emote through his voice. They say it’s not easy to sing a Sufi song as your rooh needs to be connected to their’s and Prateek has done an outstanding job by bringing life to this melodic song,” stated Team IM Music Label.

When we asked, “How was the Filming experience of Lead cast members Tell us about the locations What is the level of excitement for this music video”, the record Label informed that, “The lead cast members were very professional and it didn’t even feel like they were working for the first time. They look great together and I am sure audiences will get awestruck looking at their awesome chemistry. Locations were not only set according to the scenes or the vibe of the song but also keeping in mind the outlook of the new generation towards the Sufi genre as they connect pretty well these days to the Sufi songs. Our team has members who belong to different age groups and I keep noticing some of the other humming it every now or then regardless of the age or place. That’s the aura of the song and we have put so much hard work into it because of the belief in this song and melodies. We hope this song stands up to all our expectations and it gets all the love that it deserves.”

Lastly, confirming the Ruhani music video release date, IM MusicTeam added, “Don’t miss the must-watch music video of 2022 Ruhani on 25th March on our YouTube channel “IM Music” and you can also listen to Ruhani on Please like subscribe and share our YouTube channel so that we can bring more videos like this to you.”

IM Music presents Hindi song Ruhani sung by Prateek Gandhi Staring Shadab Ali Khan, Sana Sultan and Produced by Noor Ansari (Ishrat Media). Full song releasing on 25th March 2022.

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