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Fragrance Manufacturer Blossoms Aruma Elaborates on Filtering the Human Journey through the Lens of Fragrance

Blossoms Aruma is a perfume manufacturing brand designing purely French yet truly Indian fragrances. The brand was incepted in 2006, with an urge to change the societal impression of the daily perfume and elaborated on the idea of fragrances having a back story. Talking about fragrances, people find the scent of babies extremely calming, as it reminds them of their own childhood and a mother’s soothing embrace. From the moment we are born, to the moment we let go of our lives on this planet, our existence is marked by a myriad of smells, some pleasant and some unpleasant. Take a look at your own day, waking up to the scintillating aroma of tea or freshly brewed coffee is something we have always enjoyed. Add to it the scent of breakfast and you know your day will go well. In fact, each and every scent in our life stands out for a reason – for instance, the aroma of freshly cooked food whets our appetite and makes our mouths water.

Sumann Sharrma, Director, Blossoms Aruma

According to Sumann Sharrma, Director, Blossoms Aruma, “There is no denying the fact that, from the start to the end of life, fragrance is a part and parcel of our days, at every touch point we cross. And, if you have noticed, smell is a major part of our memories too. Many a times, a particular smell or fragrance could create deja vu, a feeling of going back in time. Truly, our life’s journeys can be filtered through the lens of fragrance. From the day we are born, with that soothing whiff of baby scent, to the day we die, we are surrounding by scents that shape our life and the way we look at things.”

A very recent instance – during the pandemic, many of us felt depressed or anxious because of the unforeseen situations and the lack of clarity about our lives. While the sales of perfumes dropped somewhat as people were not stepping out, as time passed, there was a conspicuous shift in people’s relationship with fragrance.

“Several of us started looking at scents and fragrances as a way to uplift moods and create a pleasant ambience at home and essential oils and diffusers played a major part here. Each area of the home began to boast a different scent – with soothing fragrances like lavender for the bedroom, energetic and citrusy scents for the home office and the living room, to mellow rose petal for the bathrooms – scents defined how we experienced our own homes. That is the power of smell and the reason why you should harness it in your own daily lives, for nothing captures our imagination as intangibly yet as powerfully as fragrance,”Sumann explains.

Many of us have a signature fragrance that defines our personality and style. Or we may be trying on different scents, waiting for the one that captures our quintessence as well as our personalities in an unparalleled manner. Whatever be the case, the importance of fragrance can never be belittled. Smelling good is a must in today’s world, and while we all love being neat and tidy, nothing can uplift our auras as beautifully and meaningfully as a scent which embodies who we actually are. A signature scent is like a calling card, it leaves a trace wherever you go, making people aware of your presence. Given this fact, it is imperative that you choose a fragrance which makes you feel confident and uniquely yourself, as it becomes a part of your identity.

Even as you go to the mall and pick a scent to adorn yourself with, have you wondered about the origin of the perfume Arising from the Latin word ‘Perfumus‘, which means ‘through smoke‘, perfumes are as poetic as they are evocative. Indeed, perfumes and human civilizations have an ancient bonding, as old as Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. The desire to smell good is not something millennial, it is as old as humanity itself and the proof can be found in the ancient Indus Civilization where we have found shreds of incense being burned in temples as an offering to the gods.

Elaborating on the concept, Sumann mentions, “Even today, a visit to the temple, or a puja at home, would not be complete without the burning of fragrant incense sticks or chandan, as these create a holy and pious atmosphere while helping us overcome negative vibes.”

Fragrance is an indelible part of our lives and it is up to us to utilise this gift in the best possible way. Given the enormous role it plays in our lives, it is high time people understand their preferences and choose a signature scent to mark their presence.

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