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GROHE Launches World Water Day Campaign #GROHEeverydropcounts with Mr. Aabid Surti at The LIXIL Studio

Sustainability is a core pillar in the business of the brand GROHE, which believes water conservation is an essential practice that all must imbibe. Water is an ever-depleting precious resource that keeps getting wasted right in front of the user’s eyes every day.

From L to R: Mr. Aabid Surti, Founder Drop Dead Foundation and Mr. Bobby Joseph, Leader LWT India and Subcontinent Launching the World Water Day Campaign #GROHEeverydropcounts

While green building norms, water recycling, rainwater harvesting and other large-scale projects are being deployed across the country, what can the regular citizens do to prevent the unnecessary wastage of water

According to studies, one leaky faucet dripping at one drop per second wastes more than 7800liters of water a year! That’s a huge loss, especially considering the dire situation of water availability across large parts of the country.

Across millions of households leaking faucets and showers lead to the wastage of billions of liters of water every year. This is a simple problem to solve, yet most people don’t address it due to lack of awareness or inclination. Imagine that everybody took cognizance and action, how much water could be saved every year.

GROHE believes water, as a precious resource, is meant to be enjoyed and not wasted. So, this world water day the brand is on a mission to spread awareness on the alarming reality of water wastage and inspire people to take a pledge to fix a leak, whenever/wherever they spot one.

For this noble cause, GROHE has collaborated with Mr. Aabid Surti, Founder of the Drop Dead Foundation. Mr. Surti is a lone warrior with a simple mantra – find leaky taps or pipes and repair them. Every drop stopped by Mr. Surti over the years has helped save more than 20 million liters of water and counting.

GROHE, a world leader in the bathroom industry, is proud to be associated with Mr. Surti for the launch of the awareness campaign on World Water Day, March 22nd. The launch took place at the brand’s state-of-the-art experience center – The LIXIL Studio in Bengaluru.

Through this campaign, GROHE aims to inspire at least 1 lakh people to pledge and take action every time they find a leak. If one is committed to this cause, within a year the brand could save millions of liters of water! GROHE is also taking the pledge on-ground with plumbers’ support to select societies in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore where the brand will fix leaks at their own cost.

Speaking at the launch event, Mr. Bobby Joseph, Leader LWT India & Subcon (GROHE & American Standard) said, “It is our appeal to all members of society to join us on this incredible mission because we need all the support that we can gather. Act now, for the future of our environment. Let’s take a pledge to make every drop count.”



GROHE is a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings and has a total of over 7,000 employees in 150 countries. In order to offer “Pure Freude an Wasser“, every GROHE product is based on the brand values of quality, technology, design and sustainability. Renowned highlights such as GROHE Eurosmart or the GROHE thermostat series as well as groundbreaking innovations such as the GROHE Blue water system underline the brands profound expertise. Focused on customer needs, GROHE thus creates intelligent, life-enhancing and sustainable product solutions that offer relevant added value – and bear the “Made in Germany” seal of quality: R&D and design are firmly anchored as an integrated process in Germany. GROHE takes its corporate responsibility very seriously and focuses on a resource-saving value chain. Since April 2020, the sanitary brand has been producing CO2-neutral* worldwide. GROHE has also set itself the goal of using plastic-free product packaging by 2021.

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