Mullenlowe Lintas creates campaign film for Unacademy with MS Dhoni

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Unacademy has launched a new brand film titled Lesson No. 7, featuring former Indian skipper M S Dhoni. The 85-second video depicts a metaphorical representation of Dhoni’s life journey with the vision of helping learners pursue their dreams with perseverance. The brand has also announced Dhoni as one of their brand ambassadors.

Deviating from the narrative style of Unacademy’s recent films, Lesson No. 7 uses high-quality production and CGI to create an allegorical rendition of the barriers that Dhoni overcomes in order to achieve greatness and remain battle-ready. The heavy production sets this film brand film apart as one of its kind in India which required over 200 crew on live action shoot and 40+ artists for post-production across countries such as India, Argentina, Portugal and the US and over three months of VFX.

Karan Shroff, Partner and CMO, Unacademy commented regarding the brand film and the association: “Lesson No. 7 is Dhoni’s life mantra of how with a persistent approach, you can be assured of greatness awaiting beyond barriers. Our journey with our Learners is not only till they crack an exam but for their entire life, and this is a life lesson which we hope will inspire all of them to continue to fight and chase their dreams. We are extremely proud of this film and thankful to Dhoni, who supported us in delivering our mission and welcome him on board the Unacademy train.”

Speaking on the film, Former Team India Captain M S Dhoni said, “Both in life and in cricket, I have always believed in two things, i.e to focus on breaking through the next immediate barrier and continue to learn to be battle ready. The film reflects on how Unacademy looks at Learning as a continuous process and prepares you for your next challenge ahead and I am delighted to be associated with Unacademy. As they say “You never lose, you either win or you learn, so looking forward to the same with this association.”

Puneet Kapoor, Regional Creative Officer, Mullenlowe Lintas Group further added, “The most inspiring people in the world are the ones who are students till their last breath. Hats off Mahi for inspiring the world much beyond cricket! It’s difficult to encapsulate this great athlete’s journey in 85 seconds but we’ve made a very valiant and a passionate attempt. Kudos to our creative team for the long drawn production, Unacademy marketing team for sticking for this idea through thick and thin and to Hungry films for pulling off this beauty.”

The creative agency for the project is Mullenlowe Lintas.