Duolingo Named Karandeep Singh Kapany as Country Marketing Manager in India

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Karandeep Singh Kapany has been appointed as the company’s first official agent in India by Duolingo, Inc. (Nasdaq: DUOL), the world’s most popular language-learning software. Karandeep will drive growth, marketing, and operations in the Indian market as the Country Marketing Manager, with a broad and extensive history in brand marketing.

Karandeep is a senior management executive with more than 11 years of experience in a variety of businesses and regions. He is adept at combining product, marketing, commercial, and sales perspectives, with a strong problem-solving approach and a track record of implementing non-linear business growth. Karandeep is a decisive leader, market maker, and team builder in fast-paced situations, with experience running independent businesses, owning sales targets, bringing new product offerings to market, and leading large multi-disciplinary teams to drive execution excellence. He’s also enthusiastic about technology’s role in upending the status quo.

Prior to joining Duolingo, Karandeep led marketing efforts for stalwarts like Tanishq, HolidayIQ, and Verse (Dailyhunt and Josh).

Excited to tap into the potential that the Indian market has to offer, Karandeep says, “In a country as diverse as India which has 22 official languages, 121 spoken languages, and countless regional dialects, language plays a crucial role in everyday life. To some, language learning may be a step towards the future and to others, it is a way to stay connected to their roots. Whatever the reason be, we are thrilled to partner with Indians in their journey to master a new language. I look forward to my role at Duolingo and believe the growth we’ve seen in India thus far is only the tip of the iceberg.”

In the past year, Duolingo’s Indian user base increased exponentially, making it the fastest-growing market in the world for the brand. Today, Duolingo offers over 100 total language courses across 40 distinct languages, from the world’s top five most spoken languages to smaller, endangered languages such as Hawaiian, Navajo, and Scottish Gaelic. For India, the brand has specially curated English and Hindi curricula, enabling learners to pick up one language from the other. Duolingo also hopes to introduce more regional languages in India in the future.

With the mission of developing the best education in the world and making it universally available, Duolingo’s lessons are ‘bite-sized’, which means they can be taken on the go in five minutes at a time and can easily fit into anyone’s schedule.