Battlegrounds Mobile India enters into a partnership with [email protected]

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Battleground India

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), India’s most popular mobile video game, has enlisted [email protected] Glitch, the content arm of The Glitch, a VMLY&R agency, to generate engaging and intriguing video content for consumers.

This cooperation will focus on disruptive and industry-first concepts to help the BGMI brand reach its full potential in the Indian market by bringing in new players from various demographics across the country. The goal is to offer material that is based on awareness and interaction to deliver information and inspiration. This will assist in attracting both advanced and casual gamers to the game.

Mobile gaming has become one of India’s fastest-growing industries, because to the rising availability of smartphones and lower-cost data plans. The sky is the limit considering India’s mobile gaming business is predicted to triple in size over the next four years, and there is a steady demand for FPS (First Person Shooter) games in the Indian mobile gaming market.

BGMI is India’s most popular free-to-play multiplayer battle royale game, and it’s transforming the country’s gaming environment. For BGMI, KRAFTON received a huge response from players in India. KRAFTON saw an incredible 40 million downloads and 16 million Daily Active Users in the first week of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA’s launch in August of this year.

Tathagata Ray, Creative Director at Flux and the Creative Lead on the account, said, “The gaming universe is growing exponentially in India, rallied by a majority of mobile gaming players like Battlegrounds Mobile India. As an avid gamer myself, I am super elated with an opportunity to grow the Battlegrounds community in India. The industry is yet untapped in India, and the promise is that of category first innovation and content.”

Throughout their collaboration, the highly qualified creative team at Flux will work together with BGMI to create intriguing, engaging and relatable video content, to showcase the potential of the game as well as the brand.

Varun Anchan, Associate Vice President- Strategy & Business, [email protected] Glitch spoke about what makes this collaboration exciting. He said, “More than a game, BGMI is a part of pop culture and we’re more than happy to have it as part of our portfolio. We’ve put together a team of mobile gaming enthusiasts who’d like nothing more than to work on a brand like this. What makes this even more exciting, is where we are at as a country when it comes to gaming.