Bombay Shaving Company Women Unveils Campaign With New Brand Ambassador Alaya F

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Bombay Shaving Company Women (BSC), a spin-off of popular men’s grooming brand Bombay Shaving Company, has entered into an audacious partnership with actor Alaya F.

“This represents BSC Women’s commitment to reimagine hair removal solutions for women in the country – which has been a stronghold of traditional, established players and the informal services sector,” the brand said.

The announcement comes with the launch of a brand film and campaign named ‘SmoothAF’.

Alaya F confirmed this sentiment by saying; “I was a part of the BSC women tribe even before signing the contract. I have been a regular user of their hair removal products for some time, and can personally say they are fab. I’m so enthusiastic about what the brand is trying to achieve, because I see so much of myself in it. I’m thrilled that this vibe has come through in the film as well”.

Commenting on the association, Siddha Jain, head of Bombay Shaving Company Women, says: “There can be no better embodiment of the spirit of the brand and business than Alaya. From her posts signed off as ‘AF’ – to the way she moves – Alaya F is a non-conformist and personifies the  bold and unapologetic women of today. We are delighted to have her as the face of the brand because not only is she absolutely talented and gorgeous but she constantly challenges the status quo while being her 100% authentic and kind self.. Our association with her is a step towards reinforcing the connection with our consumers who are raring to change the game and take the world by a storm

The campaign has been co-created with The Collective Artists Network and produced by Cutting Crew Films: It shows Alaya as her authentic self, through uninhibited movements, playful musicality, and progressive imagery in an exciting, bold and badass tone, while still retaining her endearing innocence.

Sharing his views, Shantanu Deshpande, CEO of Bombay Shaving Company, summarized the significance of this association: “This is a very exciting phase for us. We have always been confident of the women’s business leading us into the future. Today we are loved by people who know us. But thanks to the nature of the women’s personal care category and this new association with Alaya F, we are poised to take the leap, and become a loved, talked about and shared brand, across the nation”.

The brand is leaving no stone unturned to take the ‘SmoothAF’ message to its tribe. In addition to collaborating with numerous influencers across the board; the campaign is being deployed on major OTT platforms & programmatic advertising, along with popular social, online and offline channels.