Salud Beverages Raises USD 1.1 Million

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As of March 2021, Salud Beverages, an Urban Lifestyle brand that debuted in Karnataka earlier this year, had raised USD 1.1 million. Serial entrepreneur and famous Indian actor Rana Daggubati, as well as former Managing Director of Microsoft India, Srinivas Koppolu, are among the actors and HNIs funded by Prasad Vanga’s Anthill Ventures.

The money was principally utilised to construct a strong retail presence for Salud G&T 2.0, a bottled gin and tonic drink, as well as to diversify the company’s product portfolio. As a result, G&T 2.0 is now accessible in over 500 retail shops, with over 250,000 bottles sold and a growing customer base.

Sharing his views on Salud’s journey so far and about the market at large, Ajay Shetty, Founder-Director, Salud Beverages said, “We are a focussed brand striving to put India on the global map, alongside the best countries in the world, with some of the finest spirits including bottled cocktails, craft spirits, non-alcoholic beverages and more. And not to stop there, but continue to innovate with products and experiences that will lead to a loyal consumer base, on the way to our big-picture goal of becoming an aspirational global lifestyle brand.”

RTD cocktails are quickly becoming the drink of choice for everyone from millennials to aficionados. Bottled cocktails are becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages, cultures, and lifestyles.

Salud G&T 2.0 comes in three delicious flavours: Original, Cucumber, and Lavender, all of which are distilled in Goa. These bottled cocktails are crafted with English Juniper, European botanicals, and the best Indian tonic, providing customers with a high quality experience at an accessible price.