Buffering Raises Another Round Of Funding


Buffering- India’s domestic tech start-up Psephology has raised another round of funding from outside investors in August 2021: Jag Chima, Angad Singh Oshan, and Jess Grace, all of whom are based in Europe. Darshani Khatri, a co-founder, said ‘The fresh capital will allow us to prepare for the upcoming election season in India, we need more investments to be deployed in our research wing’. “Entry barrier in the political amplification space is turning out to be a huge advantage for us, we now manage over 77 public figures who in turn manage, run our country, we hold huge data points which we will monetize at the right time” says Co-founder Manoj Motiani.

Angad Singh, investor adds, ” We see India as a land of politics, sports, and entertainment, we Indians love all three areas. Any business that has the right promoters, usage of tech & B to C will attain scale and ooze value. We are happy to be partnering with buffering’s growth” Start-up buffering founded by Mumbai-based real estate entrepreneur Amit B Wadhwani, attracted earlier rounds of investments from Singer Sonu Nigam, Arvog venture capital, Hotelier Rahul Pandit in Q1 of 2021. Buffering uses Data analytics, AI, ML, voice-based search, psephology & research to amplify the reach of political figures and parties.