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Beat the Heat, Save the Planet: Why Your AC is Making Things Worse for Environment

Can you imagine switching ON the air conditioner to escape heat is like looping around the global warning? The low temperature in an AC contributes to a surge in the temperature.

Dropping the AC temperature can cost you double -on health and your pocket. Air conditioners use more electricity than any other appliance in the home and also it releases gasses with powerful planet-warming properties.

Hazardous gasses leak by AC units are

1)hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants (HFCs), – R-410 degrades to carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen fluoride which are accountable for irregular heartbeats, blood pressure related issues, fluid buildup or inflammation in lungs.

2) ammonia causes asthma, irritation in eyes and respiratory tract, dermatitis (skin problems).

3)Hydrocarbons such as propane are associated with carcinogen (cancer causing substance) properties at levels higher than “second-hand tobacco smoke,” according to scientists at Stanford University.

As China topped the list of most electricity consuming countries, the United States ranked as the second place followed by India. By turning down the temperature by 10 Lakhs Households can then collectively save upto 5 Million units of electricity. Which can cost down the money in crores and reduce electricity production which will cut down on carbon footprints.

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Here is How- you can save approximately 5 Units per Night by running AC on 25-28 degrees:-

Running AC at 20-22 degrees causes hypothermia-symptoms shivering, low tolerance of heat, confusion, memory loss etc. Normally the human body can only tolerate temperatures ranging from 23-39 degrees. Long term exposure causes arthritis, low-body pressure, respiratory tract inflammation.

Even 5-star rated AC at 16-22 degrees consumes more power and money as the compressor continuously works on full energy.So to keep it in downside, set the temperatures for 25+ degrees with a slow speed ceiling fan. By passing time your body will adjust and this will give you a comfortable sleep, long health-friendly benefits and less polluted atmosphere.

Now here are the list of countries taking steps related Air Conditions:-

1)Italy and Spain made it mandatory to keep AC temperature at 25 and 27 degrees respectively on how in government buildings, including schools.

2)In France, government buildings are allowed to turn on the AC when the outside temperature exceeds 26 degrees.

3)In Texas’s city Dallas, a new code states that “an owner shall provide and maintain in operating condition, refrigerated air equipment capable of maintaining a room temperature of at least 15 degrees cooler than the outside temperature, but in no event higher than 85 fahrenheit (30 Celsius degrees) in each habitable room.

4)Germany demands environmental standards to meet before ACs purchase.

5)People in Switzerland’s Geneva must have a ‘valid reason’ to purchase AC like health conditions.

6)New York proposed an environment-friendly rule that it will be illegal to transport hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants (HFCs) R-410A across the state of New York.

The fact that some places record the hottest season of the world and people do need air conditioners can not be denied but to cope with this demand, incumbent governments need stricter regulatory standards. But as an individual we are also responsible for maintaining the local atmosphere by setting AC temperature, constructing traditional based buildings and better designed to keep heat out.

Aishwarya Singh is a journalist who is a passionate lifelong learner. She has worked with India’s reputed news agencies. Now, with 3+ years of curating, copy editing, and proofreading experience, she wants to contribute to making a thriving society by exploring unattended areas related to the environment and civic issues.

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