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Biryani tops search charts as India embraces regional and international cuisines: Justdial

India is an amalgamation of culture, tradition, and vibrant flavours. From the snow-capped Himalayas to the tropical beaches of Kerala, one can find a distinct culinary experience every 100 kilometres. Justdial, India’s no.1 hyperlocal business search engine, unveiled insights into this dynamic food scene based on search data for the period April 2023 to March 2024. The findings reveal a fascinating interplay between national favourites and regional specialties, highlighting the ever-evolving preferences of Indian consumers.

Biryani emerges as the undisputed king of Indian cuisine, featuring prominently in the top 3 searches across all Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 cities. In a surprising twist, Chennai has taken the lead with an extraordinary 20% of its total searches focused on Biryani, outpacing other Biryani-loving cities like Hyderabad (17%) and Kolkata (15%). This highlights Chennai’s exceptional passion for this flavorful dish.

However, the data also paints a vivid picture of India’s diverse culinary landscape. Regional specialties hold strong across the country. In Mumbai, Gujarati cuisine follows closely behind Biryani at 6%, while Delhiites show a strong preference for South Indian cuisine (10%). Pune favours Maharashtrian food, Ahmedabad celebrates its Gujarati heritage, and Bangalore enjoys a delightful mix of Biryani, Andhra, and Udupi cuisines. Kolkata remains true to its Bengali roots, with Bengali cuisine leading the pack at 21%, while Hyderabad showcases a unique trend with Mandi, a dish from the Arabian Peninsula, topping the charts at 25%.

The data from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities reflects the national trend, with Biryani leading the pack at 10% and 19%, respectively. However, there are interesting regional variations. Tier 2 cities show a surprising interest in Korean cuisine, while Tier 3 cities see a rise in Gujarati cuisine searches and Mandi.

The Indian palate is not limited to domestic flavours. Chinese cuisine remains the most searched international option across the country, accounting for 31% of all international cuisine searches. However, there’s a growing interest in new tastes. Korean cuisine emerges as the second most searched international option (15%), followed by Arabic cuisine (12%).

Justdial’s data reveals the rich culture of India’s culinary landscape—a place where tradition and innovation dance on the taste buds. While Biryani’s dominance reflects a national unity in flavour, the love for regional specialties speaks volumes about the enduring strength of local identities. Perhaps the most exciting takeaway is the growing interest in international flavours. This expanding palate hints at a future where Indian cuisine continues to evolve, incorporating global influences while remaining firmly rooted in its rich heritage.

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