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DoT Blocks Fake Incoming Calls Displaying Indian Numbers

Indian citizens are advised to be cautious of fraudulent calls appearing to originate from within India. These calls, often displaying Indian mobile numbers, are actually international spoofed calls made by cybercriminals abroad. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) have taken action to combat this issue.

Fraudsters exploit Caller Line Identification (CLI) manipulation to make these calls appear legitimate. This has been used in recent scams involving fake digital arrests, FedEx package threats, impersonation of government officials, and threats of mobile number disconnection.

Taking Action Against Spoofing:

Recognizing the threat these calls pose, the DoT has issued directives to TSPs for blocking incoming international spoofed calls. This builds upon existing measures that have already blocked incoming international spoofed calls with Indian landline numbers.

Citizen Empowerment for a Safer Digital India:

The Government of India prioritizes user safety and security within the Digital India vision. The DoT has launched several initiatives to protect telecom users, including the citizen-centric Sanchar Saathi portal (

Reporting Suspected Fraud:

Despite these efforts, some scams might still slip through. Citizens can actively contribute to a safer environment by reporting suspected fraudulent calls through the Chakshu facility on the Sanchar Saathi portal.

By remaining vigilant and reporting suspicious calls, Indian citizens can work together with the DoT and TSPs to create a safer digital space for everyone.

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