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Japanese Auto Parts Giant EXEDY Invests in Omega Seiki Mobility

In a move to accelerate electric vehicle (EV) adoption in India, Japanese auto parts supplier EXEDY has announced a strategic investment in Omega Seiki Pvt. Ltd.

Omega Seiki, headquartered in Delhi, is a leading Indian company engaged in the development, manufacturing, and sales of electric mobility solutions. This partnership will leverage both companies’ expertise: EXEDY will contribute its proprietary high-efficiency electric drive units, combining motors and continuously variable transmissions (CVTs), while Omega Seiki brings its established presence in the Indian EV market.

Targeting India’s Booming EV Market

The announcement comes amidst India’s burgeoning economic growth, fueled by a young population and government initiatives promoting domestic manufacturing. However, the country also faces environmental challenges, including air pollution and dependence on imported fossil fuels. The Indian government’s push towards electric mobility aligns with EXEDY’s commitment to “create fulfillment for society” by fostering a low-carbon future.

EXEDY & Omega Seiki: A Collaboration for Sustainable Mobility

EXEDY’s investment signifies a significant step towards introducing innovative electric drivetrain solutions to the Indian market. Through collaboration with Omega Seiki, they aim to develop and deliver next-generation electric vehicles, catering to the specific needs of Indian consumers. This partnership is expected to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable transportation ecosystem in India.

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