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IIT Placements Hit a Roadblock: Over a Third of Graduates Remain Unplaced

A report compiled by Dheeraj Singh, a consultant and alumnus of IIT Kanpur, has revealed a concerning trend in IIT placements. The data, gleaned from Right to Information (RTI) applications, annual reports, media sources, and student insights, shows that a significant number of graduates across all 23 IITs are struggling to find jobs through campus placements this year.

Over 8,000 students, or a staggering 38%, remain unplaced after the conclusion of the placement season. This marks a sharp increase compared to the previous two years, where the unplaced percentage stood at 21% in 2023 and 19% in 2022.

A Growing Gap Between New and Established IITs

The analysis further highlights a widening disparity between the placement rates of older and newer IITs. While both groups experienced a rise in unplaced students, the newer institutes faced a more pronounced challenge. In the older IITs, the unplaced percentage rose from 37% to 40% compared to 2022. However, the newer IITs saw a steeper jump, with the unplaced percentage ballooning from 18% to a concerning 40%.

Enrollment Boom Outpaces Job Growth

The data also suggests that the rapid increase in student enrollment across IITs may be outpacing job market growth. Compared to 2022, the older IITs witnessed a 1.2-fold rise in registered students, while the newer ones experienced a 1.3-fold increase. While this expansion strengthens the IIT system, it highlights a potential mismatch between the number of graduates and available jobs.

A Historic Decline in Placement Rates

Historically, IITs have boasted exceptional placement rates. In 2022, the aggregate unplaced percentage was just 19%, with a median CTC (cost-to-company) of a healthy 17.2 LPA. While the median CTC data for 2024 is not yet available, the significant rise in unplaced students raises concerns about the overall job market and the future prospects of these graduates.

Looking Ahead: Addressing the Challenge

Dheeraj Singh’s LinkedIn post underscores the need for a deeper investigation into the reasons behind this placement slowdown. Potential factors could include a slowdown in the Indian economy, increased competition within the job market, or a skills gap between the qualifications of graduates and the requirements of employers. Moving forward, collaboration between IITs, industry leaders, and policymakers is crucial to understand the situation and devise strategies to improve the employability of IIT graduates and ensure a smoother transition from campus to career.

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