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Oriflame named Edyta Kurek as First Female Head in India

Oriflame, the leading Swedish wellbeing brand known for its commitment to Safe, Performing, and Responsible products, ushers in a new era under the leadership of its first female head in India, Edyta Kurek. The company aims to empower the next generation with a focus on both financial freedom and wellbeing.

As a pioneer in the social selling space, Oriflame’s unique model empowers individuals through direct involvement, fostering micro-entrepreneurship. It equips brand partners with the skills and training needed to succeed, addressing social issues like unemployment and income disparity while paving the way for financial independence for many.

Since its inception, sustainability and ethical practice have been at the core of Oriflame. With growing consumer awareness of sustainable and responsible living, the company aligns with these values by offering a range of innovative wellness solutions that are kind to both the environment and consumers. They received the IFCA Star Award in 2023 for ‘Innovation in Sustainability’ for the packaging of Love Nature Shampoo for Dry Hair with Organic Wheat and Coconut, which comes in a 100% recycled plastic bottle using local resin. Oriflame has been recognized as one of Europe’s Climate Leaders by the Financial Times and Statista four times in a row since 2021. This commitment to sustainability permeates their operations, with 100% renewable electricity worldwide in all Oriflame-operated sites since 2018 and 96% of their direct external spending suppliers having a valid Eco-Vadis sustainability assessment.

At a recent two-day seminar held at the Jio Centre in Mumbai, Oriflame celebrated the achievements of its existing brand partners while launching a strategic initiative targeting India’s vibrant youth. Over 1200 brand partners from diverse backgrounds gathered to share their success stories, showcasing the power of Oriflame’s innovative social selling model.

Edyta Kurek, Senior Vice President and Head of India and Indonesia, Oriflame, spoke about the company’s dual-focused strategy, stating, “Our social selling model empowers individuals to achieve both wellbeing and financial freedom. We foster micro-entrepreneurship and provide the necessary training and skilling to build successful careers. This approach offers not only flexibility but also acts as a startup builder, equipping individuals with the tools they need to thrive. As part of our strategic transformation, we’re placing a strong focus on connecting with young, consumers conscious about their wellbeing. We understand the importance of wellness to today’s consumers. By aligning with these trends and values, we create a movement towards sustainable and ethical beauty wellbeing practices that resonate with the youth, offering products that enhance their wellbeing while empowering them to achieve financial freedom.”

Women are a driving force at Oriflame, reflected in their leadership and a product line boasting over 130 Vegan-certified products. Unwavering product quality is paramount, with strict European safety standards and continuous R&D investment. Oriflame prioritizes product quality above all else, adhering to a philosophy of uniform product quality globally for all. 95% of all rinse-off products launched in 2023 have been formulated to be biodegradable, with Duologi as their first performing haircare range formulated to be biodegradable. This dedication has resulted in the creation of 11 iconic products globally, like Tender Care, Milk & Honey, and GG Pearls, each celebrated for its innovation and effectiveness.

Vivek Katoch, Chairman of the Indian Direct Selling Association, highlighted, “The significant socio-economic impact of the direct selling industry. In FY 2022-23, the industry achieved a gross national turnover of over Rs. 21,200 Crores and provided self-income opportunities to nearly 86 lakh people, including around 32 lakh women. The industry is increasingly seen as a viable career option, especially for those aged 25 and above, with a 19% growth in this age group compared to FY 2021-22, translating to over 3,300 new entrants daily.”

Oriflame sets an industry benchmark with its “Unique to Oriflame” technologies. This innovation shines in the Novage+ skincare line, featuring four patented technologies that revolutionize routines. This commitment to pushing boundaries extends to other areas, including Feminelle’s focus on women’s health through gynecologically and dermatologically tested products.

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