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With Madison Loop’s creative expertise, Amara Raja Group’s captivating brand film stirs emotions

Amara Raja Group, a leading business enterprise in India, that operates in diverse sectors like energy, mobility, advanced cell technology and power infrastructure among others, recently unveiled a captivating brand film. Primarily known for its lead-acid battery business, the brand film, which was conceptualized and executed by Madison Loop, aims to bring out how Amara Raja is present in every aspect of our lives (beyond just batteries) through a relatable, emotional narrative. This was possible because of the in-depth brand understanding that Madison Loop has developed over years of association with the Amara Raja Group.

Through the eyes of 10-year-old Raghu, the film holds the viewer’s interest and gives a glimpse into Amara Raja’s role in the fabric of daily life. As Raghu navigates his typical school day, subtle touchpoints of the company’s presence emerge – from the automotive batteries that power our rides to the EV charging stations that symbolize the Group’s commitment to sustainable mobility. Amara Raja’s positive impact is woven seamlessly throughout Raghu’s everyday experiences, showing how the company’s innovative spirit and forward-thinking ethos have become a natural part of the community’s everyday lives. To ensure that the narrative authentically captured the Group’s ethos, the Madison Loop team meticulously worked alongside the client team to refine the script and deliver the envisioned concept.

Speaking about the brand film and its idea Brijesh Menon, Head Corporate Communications, Amara Raja Group said, “I think we are yet to see a rendition of the messaging ‘we are a part of your life’ that has been conveyed through such a warm and wholesome narrative. Looking at what we do with wonder and curiosity, through a school boy’s POV works beautifully for an organisation like Amara Raja that is a part of many people’s daily lives, without their even knowing it”.

Sharing his thoughts, Kosal Malladi, Vice President, Madison Loop also commented, “This film showcases the collaborative spirit of both Madison Loop and Amara Raja Group that went into its creation. From scripting and strategizing to conceptualization, the team ensured it effectively highlights Amara Raja’s remarkable scale, diverse capabilities, and ambitious aspirations.” He further adds, “The hope is that the film will resonate with a wider audience, essentially communicating Amara Raja’s vision for the future”.


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