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WOW Skin Science Shields Bengaluru’s Traffic Warriors from Scorching Summer Sun

As temperatures soared in Bengaluru this summer, WOW Skin Science joined hands with the Bengaluru Police to address the challenges faced by our frontline heroes combating the scorching sun and dust. According to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), Bengaluru experienced one of its hottest summers in recent years, intensifying the need for sun protection.

As part of its commitment to supporting frontline workers, WOW Skin Science presented 250 sun protection kits containing their new WOW Sunscreen Gels to Bengaluru’s traffic warriors. These kits provided much-needed protection against harmful UV rays and helped mitigate the risk of skin damage caused by extended sun exposure.

Manish Chowdhary, Co-Founder of WOW Skin Science, said, “WOW Skin Science is committed to the well-being of those who protect our community. Our partnership with the Bengaluru Police aims to provide essential sun protection to our brave traffic warriors, who face prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight during their duties. We are honoured to contribute to the well-being of our traffic warriors.”

Recognizing the critical role of the Bengaluru Police in maintaining public safety, WOW Skin Science conducted interviews and research to understand the challenges faced by the traffic police force during the summer months. The findings revealed that prolonged exposure to the sun could lead to health risks and various skin problems, including infections, pigmentation, and dark spots.

Studies indicated that on average, a person could endure only about one hour of peak sunlight without risking sunburn. For officers exposed for longer periods, such as traffic police, effective sun protection was crucial.

With a profound sense of gratitude for our traffic warriors, WOW Skin Science remains committed to fostering lasting partnerships that uplift and empower those who serve our communities with grit and determination.

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