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Ambuja Cements Champions Sustainable Water Management in Himachal Pradesh

Ambuja Cements, a key player in the cement and building material sector within the diverse Adani Portfolio, continues its proactive stance towards sustainable water management and conservation in Himachal Pradesh. Recently, the company’s CSR arm orchestrated a closed-door workshop titled ‘Sustainable Watershed Management for Climate Resilience’ in Shimla. This gathering convened various experts and stakeholders to tackle the region’s pertinent water challenges head-on.

Under the aegis of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm, Ambuja Cements has been actively engaged in executing numerous watershed development projects, particularly in Darlaghat, Himachal Pradesh, in collaboration with various government bodies. At the heart of Ambuja Cements’ CSR endeavors lies a steadfast commitment to community empowerment and environmental preservation in the vicinity of its operations. To date, the company has initiated watershed projects in nearly 200 villages across three districts of Himachal Pradesh.

The workshop featured speakers ranging from water conservation experts to representatives from corporate, governmental, community, and non-governmental sectors, engaging with an audience of over 100 attendees. Discussions revolved around the paramount importance of sustainable water resource management practices, encompassing watershed development, green energy utilization, and farmer capacity enhancement. Moreover, participants received insights into government schemes promoting solar pumping, irrigation efficiency, and sustainable water conservation practices. Community members were also invited to share their firsthand experiences on watersheds and climate change.

In addition, experts from educational institutions underscored the pivotal role of education and awareness in fostering eco-literacy among the youth. Suggestions were put forth to integrate eco-literacy courses and establish a dedicated department focusing on watershed development and climate resilience, emphasizing the necessity of adopting long-term strategies to combat water-related challenges.

Through such concerted efforts, Ambuja Cements reiterates its commitment to advancing sustainable water management practices and climate action. The company remains steadfast in its mission to safeguard future generations by ensuring the preservation of invaluable water resources.

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