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Air India Rolls Out Ipad App For Cabin Executives To Bolster Personalised Service And Enhance Guest Experience

Air India, a leading global airline, has introduced a groundbreaking iOS-based app, Cabin Executive (CE) Plus, tailored for over 1,200 cabin executives overseeing the airline’s flights. This innovative app is poised to revolutionize guest services, streamline crew assignments, and expedite the resolution of cabin maintenance issues.

The CE Plus app represents a significant stride in Air India’s commitment to elevating customer experience by providing cabin executives with cutting-edge digital tools accessible through handheld devices.

Crafted by Air India’s digital technology and design teams in Silicon Valley and Gurugram, in collaboration with the in-flight services department, Cabin Executive Plus (CE Plus) offers a suite of features aimed at enhancing the in-flight guest experience and optimizing crew operations throughout the flight journey. Among its functionalities are:

Data-driven Personalized Customer Service: Leveraging guest profiles mapped onto the flight’s seating chart, cabin executives can seamlessly enhance passenger service by accessing vital information such as meal preferences and past special requests. Additionally, the app displays a passenger’s updated frequent flyer status and related benefits.

Real-time Maintenance Issue Reporting: The app enables cabin executives to efficiently document and capture photos of maintenance issues concerning seats and in-flight entertainment systems. Observations made during the flight are automatically transmitted to Air India’s engineering teams upon landing for individual tracking and resolution.

Enhanced Crew Clarity and Collaboration: CE Plus features a dynamic crew allocation system that allows cabin executives to allocate crew work positions based on specific aircraft requirements, thus enhancing efficiency and service standards. Centralized access to documents such as galley loading plans and in-flight announcement handbooks further streamlines operations.

Dr. Satya Ramaswamy, Chief Digital and Technology Officer at Air India, emphasized the crucial role of cabin crew in shaping the airline’s guest experience. He stated, “With valuable data at their fingertips via the Cabin Executive Plus app, our cabin executives are now better equipped to offer an elevated experience to our guests, whether it’s providing a favorite meal, offering a preferred beverage, or addressing a specific special request.”

CE Plus is set to receive regular upgrades aimed at further enhancing guest experience and empowering cabin executives. Future features include personalized birthday surprises for Platinum and Gold members of Air India’s ‘Flying Returns’ loyalty program, proactive service recovery based on past travel data, multilingual menus, AI-powered food and beverage recommendations, and a camera lens cabin view for swift issue detection. With these advancements, the CE Plus app is poised to become a defining element of the Air India in-flight experience.

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