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Genpact Partners With Teamlease Degree Apprenticeship To Hire 5000+ Graduate Apprentices

Genpact, the global professional services and solutions firm with 125,000+ people across 30+ countries, and TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship (TLDA) are delighted to announce a significant initiative aimed at expediting the adoption of apprenticeships in India. Collaborating with TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship, India’s leading privately owned Degree Apprenticeship program, Genpact intends to onboard over 5000 graduate apprentices through the Ministry of Education apprenticeship program. This partnership seeks to foster the growth of apprenticeships in India by providing graduates with on-the-job training and hands-on experience in their respective fields, thus contributing to the development of a highly skilled and qualified workforce.

Apprenticeship programs play a crucial role in ensuring the availability of a skilled workforce capable of meeting the dynamic demands of the IT & BPM industry. With the industry’s skill gap expected to reach 3.85 million by 2027, it is imperative to create a consistent supply of a productive talent pool. Genpact, through its steadfast commitment to apprenticeships, not only charts its growth trajectory but also enhances India’s young labor productivity and establishes a long-term talent supply chain for the industry. Over the last 5 years of its partnership with TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship, Genpact has trained over 18,000 apprentices, with 95% absorbed into its workforce after assessments and program completion.

The 12-month Graduate Apprenticeship Program offers the dual advantage of work experience and formal education, with a focus on developing soft skills such as communication, leadership, and time management. TLDA’s active engagement with academic institutions and industry leaders ensures that course modules are designed to meet industry demands, and apprentices’ progress is closely monitored through seamless assessments. Such measures are pivotal in addressing talent challenges, bridging the demand-supply gap in industries, and empowering individuals with valuable skills.

Ritu Bhatia, Global Hiring Leader & SVP-HR at Genpact, shed light on the company’s strategic decision to hire and onboard 5000 apprentices. She emphasized, “Our program isn’t solely about filling immediate skill gaps; it’s designed to cultivate a pipeline of talent prepared for long-term professional growth. By prioritizing soft skills alongside technical expertise, we ensure that graduates are not merely job-ready but primed for successful, enduring careers.”

Dhriti Prasanna Mahanta, Vice President at TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship, shared insights on bolstering talent development and creating a skilled workforce through apprenticeship. He emphasized, “Apprenticeships have emerged as indispensable talent supply chain interventions across various industries, specifically in the last 4-5 years. However, the skill deficit of 3.85 million is a looming threat that IT and BPM businesses must address as a matter of importance.”

Together, Genpact and TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship are poised to make significant strides in fostering talent development and addressing the skill gap in India’s IT & BPM industry through their collaborative apprenticeship initiative.

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