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MediBuddy Launches #MyHealthMyRight Campaign For Equitable Healthcare Access On World Health Day

MediBuddy, has launched a powerful new campaign on the occasion of World Health Day. The campaign -#MyHealthMyRight- envisions a future where high-quality healthcare is universally accessible through convenient video consultations, available 24/7, 365 days a year.

India, a land of diverse landscapes and cultures, is marred by inadequate access to healthcare in remote areas. For millions of Indians, especially those in the hinterlands, the struggle to access qualified doctors and healthcare facilities remains a significant hurdle. Through this World Health Day campaign-#MyHealthMyRight, MediBuddy seeks to illuminate the transformative potential of online video consultation in overcoming geographical barriers and bringing healthcare to every doorstep. By leveraging technology, MediBuddy connects patients with doctors remotely, enabling video consultations within minutes via smartphones. This revolutionary approach eliminates the need for arduous journeys to distant cities and makes quality healthcare accessible to individuals regardless of their location.

Speaking about the campaign, Saibal Biswas, SVP, Head of Marketing, Partnerships & PR at MediBuddy“Lack of access to quality healthcare remains a sobering reality for millions of Indians, especially in rural and remote areas. On this World Health Day, we celebrate the immense potential of technology to bridge the healthcare gap in our nation. As we strive to build a healthier world, it is quintessential that we walk alongside every patient on their journey towards better health. Creating an empathetic healthcare system that uplifts everyone in our community requires us to see through their eyes, understand their unique needs, and provide care to one and all. Through this campaign, we at Medibuddy, envision a future where every individual has equitable access to healthcare regardless of their geographical location by providing online video consultation, remote diagnostics, and a vast network of medical partners. This video signifies not only MediBuddy’s dedication to providing 24×7 access to high-quality healthcare, especially focusing on preventive care but also our unwavering belief in empowering individuals to prioritise their well-being.”

The campaign comes at a pivotal time when the importance and potential of accessible healthcare have never been more evident. With the ongoing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the persistent disparities in healthcare access, digital healthcare serves as a beacon of hope, ensuring better access to quality healthcare services and resources. At MediBuddy, we are determined to bridge this gap by bringing world-class healthcare directly to the doorsteps of Indians across the nation through the power of technology.

The World Health Day campaign-#MyHealthMyRight is aimed at raising awareness about the importance of healthcare accessibility and encouraging individuals to take proactive steps toward prioritising their well-being. The campaign advocates for a society where quality healthcare is not merely a privilege but a fundamental right for billions of Indians, transcending geographical barriers. The campaign video is titled ‘The future is here | Digital healthcare | World Health Day 2024 | #MyHealthMyRight’ and is 1 Minute 24 seconds long. The video will be amplified across all social media platforms.

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