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Oktobuzz Marks 11th Anniversary with Introduction of ‘Celebration Leave’ to Recognize Employee Contributions

 Oktobuzz, a digital first branding solutions, communications and marketing agency, celebrates 11 years of crafting impactful campaigns and driving growth for iconic brands. As the team gears up this week to celebrate the journey over the last decade, the agency has announced a ‘Celebration Leave’ for all employees.

This initiative is a testament to Oktobuzz’s commitment to employee well-being and work-life balance. Recognizing the relentless effort of their team members, the Celebration Leave aims to boost morale, foster a positive work environment, and solidify the company’s culture of appreciation and recognition.

“As we complete 11 years in the exciting and highly evolving industry, we are thankful to all our clients, employees, business associates and well-wishers who have witnessed our journey. This Celebration Leave is just one way we express our gratitude for our team’s hard work and contributions to Oktobuzz’s success.”, says Neha Majithia, Co-Founder, Oktobuzz. “We felt that on this occasion, we must gift the team something that is truly invaluable – TIME. We believe this move will not only enhance internal trust and morale but also echo positively in our client interactions.”

“As we step into our 12th year, we are actively reshaping our work culture to combat workplace challenges, especially in the realms of toxicity and mental health. Our Celebration Leave initiative is more than a day off; it’s a strategic step towards cultivating a thriving, supportive environment for our team. As we set our sights on the next decade, we’re not just excited; we’re strategically poised for significant leaps forward. Our plans include expanding in key markets domestically and internationally, double our team strength and delve deeper in specialized areas like AI-led marketing, Metaverse and automation.  This, Celebration Leave, is a precursor to this exciting journey ahead, symbolizing our commitment to nurturing a work culture that is as dynamic and forward-thinking as our business strategies.” said Hemal Majithia, Founder and CEO, Oktobuzz.

As part of the 11th Anniversary celebrations, Oktobuzz conducted a vision-sharing session to outline future goals, coupled with the distribution of Celebration packages to the team. This year is particularly momentous for Oktobuzz, marking not only their 11th anniversary but also an impressive 77% increase in top-line revenue. This growth reflects the agency’s strategic focus and effectiveness in delivering exceptional value to its clients.

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