tvwnewsindia logo unveils #ApnaHustleChalRahaHai campaign to fuel job seekers’ aspirations and ambitions, India’s leading jobs and networking platform, announced the launch of its campaign #ApnaHustleChalRahaHai which aims to reshape the job-seeking narratives in India, urging individuals to embrace a proactive approach to success. The campaign features Naveen Kasturia, known for his role in TVF Pitchers. #ApnaHustleChalRahaHai campaign rapidly made a mark in the digital landscape and is making waves across platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn as it unveils a bold new vision for career advancement. Through the groundbreaking initiative, the digital film highlights the distinction between mere struggle and authentic hustle, inspiring viewers to pursue their dreams with relentless determination.

Kasturia is seen sharing personal insights and addressing the trials and tribulations encountered by Indian job seekers. He emphasizes the distinction between mere struggle and true hustle, inspiring viewers to adopt an empowered approach to success.  The video concludes with Kasturia urging job seekers to embrace their dreams and hustle to achieve them.  This campaign transcends the conventional job search, aiming to build a culture where every extra step taken towards professional growth should be celebrated as hustle not struggle.

 Incorporating the spirit of hustle into the very essence of‘s brand ethos and principles, the campaign emphasises the significance of resilience and the tireless pursuit of excellence. With the production helmed by the RVCJ agency, this campaign stands as a significant milestone in advancing a culture steeped in relentless determination and perseverance. It’s a collaboration that celebrates overcoming challenges and encourages individuals to chase their goals with determination persistently.

Nirmit Parikh, Founder & CEO, said, “Today, as we unveil #ApnaHustleChalRahaHai, we’re trying to ignite a movement fueled by passion, perseverance, and purpose. At, we believe in the power of dreams, the strength of resilience, and the beauty of relentless pursuit. #ApnaHustleChalRahaHai is our manifesto – a rallying cry to all those who dare to dream big, hustle hard, and defy the odds. It’s a call to rewrite the rules, redefine success, and revolutionize the way we approach our careers.”

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