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Zee News named Pradeep Bhandari as Consulting Editor

Zee News has named Pradeep Bhandari as Consulting Editor and the host of three prime-time news shows – ‘Aap ka Sawal’, ‘Taal Thok Ke’, and ‘24 Ki Sarkaar’. With upcoming elections on the horizon, he will play a crucial role in delivering insightful analyses that delve into the core of the latest news updates, political debates, national campaigns, and pressing societal matters.

Pradeep Bhandari, an experienced and knowledgeable senior journalist and Psephologist, brings a wealth of expertise and experience to his new role. He will provide viewers with valuable insights into the factors influencing the country’s development, with a specific focus on national interests.

Having worked for various media channels including Republic Bharat, Republic TV, and India News, Bhandari has established himself as a seasoned journalist and a significant figure in Indian media. In addition to his television work, Bhandari has made notable contributions to Indian journalism, particularly through his coverage of the Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput case, which garnered widespread attention and sparked public discussions. Throughout his career, Bhandari has conducted significant interviews with influential figures, earning praise for his insightful inquiries and thorough analysis.

Expressing his enthusiasm about joining Zee News, Pradeep Bhandari stated, “At Zee News, I’m energised to elevate diverse voices, foster genuine discourse, and equip our audience with the essential insights to navigate today’s intricate world. In an era plagued by rampant misinformation, the call for credible, impartial journalism resonates louder than ever. I’m honoured to join a team steadfast in upholding the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, striving to deliver news coverage that not only informs but also serves the greater good.”

Abhay Ojha, CEO, Zee Media Corporation, further highlighted “Pradeep Bhandari’s joining Zee News marks an exciting chapter in our journey to deliver news that resonates with our audience and contributes to informed public discourse. We are excited to leverage his insights and expertise to further enhance our commitment to journalistic excellence.”

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