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NDTV’s Sonia Singh Receives Prestigious India UK Achievers Honours in Media and Journalism Category

Sonia Singh, NDTV Dialogues Editorial Director, Anchor, Author, and Visiting Fellow of the University of Cambridge, has been awarded in the Media and Journalism category at the prestigious India UK Achievers Honours. Initiated by the National Indian Students and Alumni Union (NISAU), these accolades recognize the outstanding contributions of Indian students and alumni who have excelled in various fields after pursuing education in the UK.

The India UK Achievers Honours, organized by NISAU, celebrate the achievements of Indian students and alumni, showcasing their remarkable impact on society and significant contributions to various sectors. Notably, NISAU has advocated for causes such as reinstating the Post Study Work Visa in the UK and supporting Indian students affected by global events like the Covid pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine.

Sanam Arora, Chair of NISAU, highlighted the transformative power of education and cross-cultural experiences, emphasizing the pivotal role of achievers in fostering strong ties between India and the UK. Arora expressed satisfaction in showcasing the remarkable achievements of Indian alumni and their global influence, underscoring the importance of safeguarding and nurturing international education partnerships.

Supported by the British Council in India and the UK Government Department of Business and Trade, the India UK Achievers Honours aim to celebrate the enduring educational ties between India and the UK. Alison Barrett MBE, Director of the British Council India, commended the success stories of UK alumni from India, emphasizing their contributions to society and the growing partnership in education between the two countries.

The ceremony unveiled other notable awardees, including Neeraj Chopra, Olympic and World Champion in Men’s Javelin Throw, recognized in the Sports category, and Harish Bhat, a stalwart in the business world, honored for his contributions to Business and Entrepreneurship. Additionally, esteemed personalities like Hon’ble Chief Minister of Meghalaya Conrad Sangma and Supreme Court Advocate Karuna Nundy were among the distinguished recipients in various categories.

The event, which showcased the achievements of exceptional Indian talent nurtured in the UK, received commendation from UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Expressing pride in the UK-India partnership, PM Sunak lauded the achievements of the honorees and emphasized the positive outcomes arising from collaborative efforts between the two nations. He eagerly anticipated the nominations for the next edition of the Achievers Honours, reaffirming his support for strengthening bilateral ties through such initiatives.

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