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Unlocking the Essence of Luxury: An Exclusive Conversation with Nidhi Gupta, Founder & CMO of French Essence

In an exclusive discussion with TVW News India, Nidhi Gupta, Founder & CMO of “French Essence,” shared valuable insights into the brand’s journey and its commitment to bringing affordable international fragrances to the Indian market.

What was the need for this brand from a consumer’s perspective? What is the core business proposition?

“French Essence” also seeks to fill a significant gap in the Indian market by making international fragrances more accessible to consumers. In India, the availability of affordable international fragrances has been limited, and those that are available tend to be quite expensive. The brand is dedicated to offering a range of high-quality, yet affordable international fragrances, allowing Indian consumers to experience the luxury and sophistication of global scents without breaking the bank. This affordability factor sets “French Essence” apart, ensuring that people across India can enjoy the allure of international fragrances without compromising on their budget.

What was the inspiration behind the concept and storyline of the latest TVC, and how does it relate to the essence of our fragrance brand?

The inspiration behind the concept and storyline of the latest TVC for “French Essence” is to convey the idea that you can enjoy the fragrance of France in India, even if you can’t physically travel to France. The TVC emphasizes that “French Essence” brings a touch of France to your daily life, offering the essence of luxury and well-being in every product. It highlights the brand’s commitment to sourcing all fragrance ingredients from France, allowing customers in India to experience the scents of France right at home. This concept aligns with the brand’s core values of providing safe and effective products that deliver a sense of luxury and well-being to customers in India.

How do you believe the TVC effectively conveys the unique selling points of our fragrances, and does it capture the brand’s personality and message accurately?

The TVC effectively conveys the unique selling points of “French Essence” fragrances by highlighting their luxurious quality, safety, and their ability to enhance well-being. It captures the brand’s personality accurately by portraying the founder’s commitment to providing top-tier skincare and beauty solutions. The TVC showcases the fusion of international expertise with a deep understanding of Indian skin, aligning with the brand’s core message of offering high-quality products that cater to the unique needs of the Indian clientele. It accurately communicates the essence of “French Essence” as a brand that represents luxury, safety, and efficacy in its fragrances.

In what ways can we leverage the TVC to enhance the overall brand image and create lasting customer engagement?

To enhance our brand image and engage customers, we will utilize social media to share the TVC, collaborate with influencers, and provide behind-the-scenes content. The TVC serves as a traditional yet powerful method to communicate our brand’s values and build trust with customers. Encouraging satisfied customers to share their experiences and incorporating TVC elements into our website will ensure a consistent brand image and user experience, fostering lasting engagement. Additionally, we will consider running targeted online ad campaigns to reach a wider audience, maximizing the TVC’s impact on our brand’s visibility and reputation. We’ll also gauge customer feedback and sentiment to continuously refine our marketing efforts and ensure they resonate with our target audience, creating a stronger and more enduring connection with our brand.

How can we ensure that the fragrance brand’s core values and identity remain consistent across all marketing efforts, including future TVCs?

Maintaining consistency in the fragrance brand’s core values and identity across all marketing efforts, including future TVCs, is paramount to sustaining a strong brand image. To achieve this, we should create comprehensive brand guidelines that outline the brand’s values, messaging, and visual identity. These guidelines will serve as a reference point for all marketing teams, ensuring that future TVCs align with the established brand identity. Regular brand audits should be conducted to review marketing materials and assess their alignment with the brand’s core values and identity, providing an opportunity for necessary adjustments. Furthermore, fostering close collaboration between marketing, creative, and product development teams will guarantee that the brand’s values are integrated into every aspect of marketing, including TVCs. Establishing feedback mechanisms to gather input from customers, employees, and stakeholders will facilitate continuous improvements and adjustments to marketing efforts. Consistent messaging in TVCs and other marketing materials is essential to reflect the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and well-being. By implementing these strategies, “French Essence” can maintain a cohesive and consistent brand image across all marketing initiatives, ensuring that the core values and identity of the fragrance brand are upheld.