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Myntra Beauty launches campaign Spotlighting personalised beauty and premium offerings

Myntra Beauty has announced the launch of its new marketing campaign strengthening its positioning as the ultimate premium and luxury beauty destination.  The campaign highlights how shoppers  can discover products that effortlessly cater to individual beauty and personal care requirements.  The campaign showcases the wide range of offerings available on the platform, which includes premium and luxury beauty brands that provide an array of high-performing beauty, skincare, and hair care products, among others.

The campaign focuses on a satirical ad film that is riveting and focuses on makeup. The tagline for the campaign, Find Your Own Beauty shows the idea behind the ad film. The campaign is designed for women who have realised that one product does not fit all and that customised beauty solutions that cater to an individual’s beauty requirements are necessary.


The film explores the captivating world of Myntra Beauty, highlighting the company’s commitment to offering a wide range of products to suit everyone’s unique needs. It begins with the protagonist talking about the ever-evolving beauty trends that have her in a tizzy, as she braces herself for an upcoming wedding. The film then cuts to a vibrant spectrum of makeup options bursting forth like a bouquet of colors – from rich plums, much-loved ruby, and bright cherry reds, to the mesmerising allure of intricate cat, doe and fox eyes. With musical notes that resonate and comic timing that sparkles, the film captures the thriving and resplendent range of Myntra Beauty’s offerings.


Abhishek Gour, director of marketing for Myntra, discussed the company’s latest ad campaign, saying that it is directed at those who embrace their individuality and do not follow trends blindly. He went on to say that the campaign’s tagline, ‘Find Your Own Beauty,’ is more than just a saying, but an invitation for people to celebrate their own uniqueness. The campaign, according to Gour, highlights the effectiveness of tailor-made beauty and personal care solutions. He believes that each person’s beauty journey is as distinct as their personality and that this campaign will help Myntra Beauty’s range of high-performing, premium, and luxury products stand out to shoppers who are looking for individualised self-care solutions.

Myntra is implementing a holistic marketing approach, as customers across the nation will get to see the film on Digital and Social platforms.

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