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MS Dhoni’s Endearing Father-Daughter Bonding in Zed Black TVC Focuses on “Mann Ki Shanti”

Zed Black, the renowned incense sticks brand, is delighted to unveil its fresh TVC campaign showcasing the Zed Black 3-in-1 premium incense sticks, featuring none other than the cricketing legend and former captain of the Indian cricket team, MS Dhoni. This campaign serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of integrating daily prayers into our routines, enriching our lives with balance and contentment.

In a world characterized by its swift pace and the myriad commitments that come with it, the simple act of pausing to connect with oneself through prayer takes on extraordinary importance. With MS Dhoni as the Brand Ambassador for the past 6 years, Zed Black has consistently championed this cause, inspiring individuals to take a moment, introspect, and engage in a practice that nurtures inner serenity and spiritual fulfillment.

‘Mann Ki Shanti” is not just a TVC campaign; it’s a heartfelt endeavour to bring attention to the value of daily prayers in maintaining mental and emotional equilibrium. Dhoni, known for his exceptional leadership and unshakeable composure, resonates with the campaign’s message on multiple levels,” shared Ankit Agrawal, Director, Mysore Deep Perfumery House & Zed Black.

The TVC showcases Zed Black and MS Dhoni sharing a timeless message for all. In the latest TVC, the cricketing legend assumes the role of a doting father sitting for prayers as his playful daughter comes running. Dhoni emphasizes with a smile the importance of a regular prayer for ‘Mann Ki Shanti’. Dhoni, besides being a cricket legend, is also a complete family man. He does a perfect job of conveying the sentiment for all households. Add to this his legendary cool vibes and a relaxed smile, the message hits home!

Zed Black TVC campaigns have always struck a chord with the masses & netizens. Be it the Gamechanger commercial where the Captain Cool was spotted sporting a retro jersey look on the field for its flagship campaign ‘Prarthna Hogi Sweekar‘ or MS Dhoni sharing the importance of viral prayers in a Guruji avatar last festive season. Likewise, through this latest campaign, Zed Black aims to spark conversations around the benefits of incorporating daily prayers as a means to achieve balance and mental clarity.

We are honored to collaborate with MS Dhoni yet again, a true icon who embodies resilience and strength,” said Anshul Agrawal, Director, Mysore Deep Perfumery House & Zed Black. “As a brand, we are committed to promoting holistic well-being, and we believe that this campaign will inspire individuals to carve out time for daily prayers, nurturing their spiritual growth.

The hallmark of Zed Black’s success lies in its commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices. Zed Black’s manufacturing unit, based in Indore, Madhya Pradesh has made history by becoming the world’s largest solar-powered raw agarbatti production facility. The company has successfully scaled its production capacity to an astounding 3.5 crore incense sticks per day, positioning itself as a major player in the global market. The company is today amongst the top three agarbatti manufacturers in the country.

Conceptualized by Oberoi IBC the TVC will be promoted through a 360-degree approach across News & GEC Channels for the festive season and will be accompanied by a robust social media and online engagement strategy, encouraging viewers to share their own experiences with daily prayers using the hashtag #MannKiShanti.

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