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APL Apollo named Charu Malhotra as Chief Brand Officer

APL Apollo, a prominent manufacturer of branded steel tubes in India, has appointed Charu Malhotra as the Chief Brand Officer, as announced by the company’s Board of Directors. With a rich background in marketing, Malhotra brings a wealth of experience to her new role, where she will be responsible for guiding the brand’s purpose and ensuring consistent communication that matches the business goals across APL Apollo.

Charu has a remarkable history of driving brand growth, particularly in luxury and premium sectors. Over her two-decade career, she has consistently built brands and businesses by deeply understanding consumers and markets, strategic thinking, and effectively translating brand values across various categories in an aspirational manner.

Recognizing the prowess and expertise of Charu Malhotra in her distinguished field, Sanjay Gupta, chairman & managing director, APL Apollo Tubes said, “We are delighted to have Charu Malhorta join our team as Chief Brand officer. Charu’s reputuation as a visionary in brand development precedes her, and we are excited to leverage her insights to shape a compelling narrative that resonates with our clients, stake holders and industry at large. I am confident that with her strategic thinking and creative finesse we are well positioned to unlock fresh opportunities and redefine our brand’s impact in the building material industry”


Reflecting on her appointment, Charu added, “I am profoundly honoured and enthusiastic to be part of APL Apollo as the Chief Brand Officer. This role deeply resonates with my passion to steering impactful change through the strategic marketing and communication to various stake holders. As we come together, we are poised to embark on an exciting journey of relentless innovation, robust growth, and the creation of an indelible brand within the industry.”

Charu has a distinguished career spanning twenty years, characterized by effectively implementing brand strategies, enhancing market visibility, and generating revenue through creative marketing initiatives. In her previous role as VP and Head of Marketing at Hindware Limited, she played a crucial role in driving brand transformation and relaunching it to resonate with the millennial audience.

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