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Licious Chicken Brings Together Unlikely Friendships for a Memorable Friendship’s Day

Picture this – it is after hours when a rather amused Clown enters the exclusive Licious Kitchen with a red balloon. A Colonel and a King follow soon after, and you can almost cut the atmosphere inside the store with a knife as their eyes lock. It begins to get fiery now, as the Licious team member at the counter nervously looks on; just as the sound of the bursting balloon breaks the tension. This isn’t the plot of a suspense thriller, but only the perfect setting for a hearty Friendship’s Day celebration with, well, ‘friends’. They may not see eye to eye or may be locking horns all day long, yet, nothing brings the Clown, King & Colonel closer than their unanimous #LoveForMeat. And what better way to celebrate this love than over a spread of Licious delicacies. Watch <Link> these unlikely buddies bond over juicy crispy chicken, delectable burgers and more, as they mark the day of friendship at an exclusive Licious outlet – The Licious Kitchen – in this latest film by the brand.

Telling us more about this dramatic friends reunion, Santosh Hegde, Vice President, Marketing at Licious, says, “The food we serve at Licious makes for a hearty, gregarious meal, best enjoyed with friends and loved ones. Bonding over the shared love for juicy, delicious Licious chicken is what enduring friendships are made of. Just like the meat & seafood we serve are the finest and one-of-its-kind, the ‘friends’ featured in our latest film are in a never-seen-before avatar, celebrating the day of friendship over their love for meat. Our exclusive brand outlets – The Licious Kitchens – make for the perfect place in bringing people together over meaty delights; so head to the nearest outlet in your city with your group of BFFs and make it a Friendship’s Day to remember.”

After the nail-biting opening, the film continues to reveal the Clown, King & Colonel burst into laughter, before breaking into a group hug. The Licious team member finally breathes a sigh of relief and gets busy preparing crispy chicken, kebabs and other Licious delicacies for his guests. The party gets rolling with selfies and jokes as the three friends dig into juicy chicken wings and burgers: ending on a note – Bringing Kings, Clowns & Colonels together… for the Love of Meat! The film, now live across the brand’s social & digital channels, will be amplified further through Licious’ digital assets. You can also catch this fun film on the brand’s Insta page and YouTube channel. Head to the Licious App/Website to surprise your best friend with goodies from Licious; or even better, meet up with your group of buddies at The Licious Kitchen in your city and set some serious Friendship’s Day goals!

Conceptualized and developed by the internal creative and content team at Licious, the film was shot and produced by OMG Mediaworks.


Idea & Concept: Arjun Shriyan, Tejas Phansekar

Creative Team: Arjun Shriyan, Tejas Phansekar, Balamurugan, Janardhan Nataraj, Mustafa Hasan, Archit Bansal

Producer: Archit Bansal

Brand Team: Chandni Mukherjee, Divya Sud, Aina Barker, Santosh Hegde

Production House: OMG Mediaworks

Producers: Durgesh Dadhich & Bhakti Sakpal

Director: Sayan Mukherjee

Executive Producer: Durgesh Dadhich

DOP: Dheeraj Sharma

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