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BajajCapital Partners with DDB Mudra to Redefine its Brand Image

BajajCapital has partnered with DDB Mudra for an exciting brand revitalization and campaign. Through this collaborative effort, the company aims to redefine its identity, messaging, and visual representation, fostering stronger connections with customers in today’s dynamic era. The brand refresh campaign, developed in conjunction with DDB Mudra, promises to bring a fresh perspective to BajajCapital, making it more relevant and engaging to its audience.

Aabhinna Suresh Khare, chief digital officer & chief marketing officer, stated, “Brand revitalization for us is about updating our brand’s visual identity, messaging, and strategy to align with current market trends and consumer preferences, while still maintaining the brand’s established equity and values. We are proud of our legacy spanning 59 years, and we have carried forward a rich heritage. It is crucial for us to evolve and stay ahead in the changing times. As we embark on this transformative brand journey, our aim is to create a compelling brand experience that reflects our experience, expertise, and unwavering commitment to our clients. We are delighted to partner with DDB mudra to revitalize our brand identity and establish a more profound connection with our customers. This initiative will enable us to remain faithful to our core values while embracing a new age outlook.”

BajajCapital’s brand refresh campaign is set to undergo a comprehensive analysis of its existing brand assets, including the logo, tagline, and visual identity. Working closely with BajajCapital’s team, DDB Mudra will immerse themselves in the brand’s business objectives, target audience, and unique selling propositions. Armed with this understanding, DDB Mudra will craft a refreshed brand strategy that aligns seamlessly with BajajCapital’s current vision and deeply resonates with its stakeholders.

The campaign will be strategically executed across various marketing channels, encompassing digital media, print advertisements, and other communication touchpoints. Anticipated in the coming months, the unveiling of the revitalized brand identity promises to make a strong impact and reinforce BajajCapital’s position in the market.

Ashutosh Sawhney, president : DDB mudra Group, North, said that, “We are honored to partner with BajajCapital as their creative agency partner. BajajCapital carries a very rich & worthy legacy. Our team is committed to delivering a strategic and creative approach that not only puts a shine on this legacy, but also helps reimagine its brand identity in a way that resonates with the modern consumer.”

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