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Yuma Energy named Muthu Subramanian as general manager and Managing Director

Yuma Energy, an innovative Energy-as-a-service company and a joint venture between Magna and Yulu, has appointed Muthu Subramanian as General Manager & Managing Director. In this new position, Subramanian will be responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and overall operations of Yuma. Notably, Yuma operates one of India’s largest networks of battery charging and swapping stations for electric two-wheelers, making it a significant player in the electric mobility space.

As General Manager & Managing Director, Subramanian will play a crucial role in driving innovation, strengthening customer relationships, and ensuring the company’s continued success in a highly competitive market.

Subramanian brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the automotive industry, having enjoyed a successful 17-year tenure at Magna, a global mobility technology company and one of the largest suppliers in the automotive domain. Throughout his career at Magna, he held several key leadership positions, contributing to innovation and growth across various product areas. Notably, he played a vital role in developing and launching Magna’s first fully autonomous last-mile delivery robot, showcasing his forward-thinking approach to mobility solutions.

Matteo Del Sorbo, Magna’s Executive Vice President and Global Lead for New Mobility said, “Muthu’s proven track record in delivering results, strategic thinking and technical expertise make him an ideal candidate for this important position.  We are confident that under his leadership, Yuma Energy will continue to thrive and further strengthen its position at a time when cutting-edge advancements in energy storage are shaping the mobility ecosystem in the country.

Muthu Subramanian said, “Combating air pollution and decongesting our cities requires cost-effective mobility solutions. Battery swapping is one such area. I am thrilled at this opportunity to work with the incredible team at Yuma and our partners to build affordable and sustainable solutions that make a meaningful impact on India’s urban mobility landscape.”

Subramanian holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He has two issued and six provisional patents in automotive product and process design to his credit.

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